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  1. Vineyy

    AFL Grand Final Grand Final Tickets - Got yours? Want some?

    I'm at 20,000 and I feel I'm no chance..
  2. Vineyy

    Melbourne: what do we make of them

  3. Vineyy

    All-time Big Nose best 22

    Sam Menegola for a spot on the interchange
  4. Vineyy

    All-time Big Nose best 22

    Daniel Gorringe is surely banging the door down for selection
  5. Vineyy

    All-time Big Nose best 22

    Would hate to know how much zinc is left after Jake Aarts covers his schnoz
  6. Vineyy

    Goal Umpire Flags For Indigenous Round

    I hadn't even noticed, thank you for flagging this.
  7. Vineyy

    Autopsy Jesse White retires

    Favourite Moment: That time he grew a man bun
  8. Vineyy

    Players on your team other supporters continually underrate?

    Not on my team but Jarryd Lyons for Gold Coast.
  9. Vineyy

    The torpedo - nothing better

    I was inspired so I whipped this up last night
  10. Vineyy

    2016 Rising Star - Rd1- Clayton Oliver

    I'm on board.
  11. Vineyy

    Where did that come from - Unexpected performances?

    The fact that we didn't have Hogan that day I had already written it off. I was genuinely stunned.
  12. Vineyy

    Most overrated player (right now and all time)

    Pendlebury is better than Selwood and always has been.
  13. Vineyy

    Round 18 - Pick the upset

  14. Vineyy

    Certified Legendary Thread 2015 AFL Power Rankings

    Solid tipping Roby you beast. Love how you handle the trolls.
  15. Vineyy

    Autopsy Things you've liked, hated and learnt from Round 4, 2015

    Liked seeing Alistair Clarkson whack a campaigner
  16. Vineyy

    Round 4 NAB Rising Star Nominee

    Cripps and McCarthy should get the nomination over Hogan based on numbers.
  17. Vineyy

    Essendon are on the same level as Richmond and Melbourne

    Melbourne are overrated in this thread. Essendon are ahead of Richmond, Richmond are ahead of Melbourne. I think Essendon will finish 8th-12th range. Richmond 9-14th and Melbourne 13th-17th. Essendon and Richmond beat sides that Melbourne can't.
  18. Vineyy

    Certified Legendary Thread 2015 AFL Power Rankings

    Really? I'm a fool :(