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  1. that_dood

    Dylan Tombides Shocking when it is someone so young! Only 17.:eek::( Sounds like they have got it early and hopefully he makes a full recovery.
  2. that_dood

    Wimbledon & Friday Night Footy

    TV guides are saying at 11pm on Friday night, Wimbledon switches from Seven TWO to Seven. If the footy starts at 8:30pm on Friday night, most games finish around 11:30pm on TV. Surely they will finish the footy before switching to Wimbledon, but will they continue the tennis on Seven TWO until...
  3. that_dood

    Radio Glenn Mitchell

    Supposedly went into work yesterday and got told to leave and not return according to Inside Cover of The West. Has the ABC sacked him? A shame if they have because he is a very good commentator for footy and cricket.
  4. that_dood

    2011/2012 Fixture Discussion Thread

    Fixture will be released in the very near future and supposedly the Glory will start their season at home against Adelaide on a Saturday night, the 8th October. Also looks like we will again have less home games than away games. This will be the third time in a row (Excluding last seasons even...
  5. that_dood

    FA Cup Semi Finals

    Okay, I will make one. Boobatov!:eek:
  6. that_dood

    FA Cup Sixth Round

    Draw Stoke vs West Ham United or Burnley Manchester City or Aston Villa vs Everton or Reading Birmingham City vs Bolton Wanderers Manchester United vs Leyton Orient or Arsenal Pick of the ties will be the bottom one as long as Arsenal get past the O's. Also if Everton get through they will...
  7. that_dood

    FA Cup Fifth Round

    Draw to start soon...
  8. that_dood

    FA Cup Fourth Round

    Draw about to start...
  9. that_dood

    Australia to host 2015 Asian Cup

    Although only the east coast will have games. Still, good for football in Australia.:thumbsu:,oz-to-host-asian-cup-2015.aspx
  10. that_dood

    2010 FIFA Club World Cup

    Starts tonight in the UAE with hosts Al-Wahda taking on the might of Hekari United from PNG who will have star player Henry Fa'arodo famous for his miserable stint at the Perth Glory. Other teams competing will be TP Mazembe of the DR Congo who were wonderful entertainment last year and scored...
  11. that_dood

    Fraser says heads will roll at FFA!,-FFA Read the article because he tees off having a go at the lack of promotion, dwindling crowds, shocking A-league fixturing, lack of radio broadcasting, neglection of the A-league to focus on a failed World Cup bid, and more! I...
  12. that_dood

    Referee Ben Williams told to seek medical help! Brilliant. Williams is a w***er and is a horrible ref. Pity the A-league coaches can't criticise our mediocre officials like the Malaysian coach.:thumbsu::D
  13. that_dood

    A-League State of Origin...could it work? A concept that has been floated before, could people see it working? I can't really see myself getting excited about eastern states playing each other...
  14. that_dood

    "Unofficial" Tipping Comp 2011 Suggestions Box

    Hi everyone, with the dwindling numbers over the last season or so I thought it is time to tweak the competition and have a few rule changes. Just post your suggestions in here and come next season I (Or whoever runs it) can implement the best suggestions. Just a few to start us off: Tip the...
  15. that_dood

    TV Brownlow delayed into WA on ONE

    Surely ONE could show it live? That is the whole point of a sports channel. When ONE was launched they promised WA viewers that when something is shown live in the east, we would get it live in the west. Looks like that has changed.:thumbsd::thumbsd::thumbsd: Heck, even Seven showed it live...
  16. that_dood

    Arsenal and Liverpool fans without Fox...

    ONE HD has acquired the rights to Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV after Setanta UK flopped. They will show Arsenal and Liverpool games on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Will still have to stream/go to mates house...
  17. that_dood

    2011 Hopman Cup

    ***BUMP*** Wonderful news. Once the ABC sadly gave up on the Hopman Cup, the only network on FTA that would do it justice was Ten/ONE.
  18. that_dood

    TV ABC News 24 Will be interesting to see how it goes.
  19. that_dood

    2010/2011 A-League Predictions

    That time again folks... We need you to predict: Grand-Final Champions Wooden Spoon Johnny Warren Medalist Rising Star (Under 20) Golden Boot (And how many) Best Foreigner Best Signing Worst Signing The Ladder I will kick us off: Champions: Perth Wooden Spoon: North Queensland Johnny Warren...
  20. that_dood

    BigFooty Tipping: Round 22, 2010

    Tips must be submitted by 8:30pm AEST Friday 27th August!!! Friday Fremantle vs Carlton Subiaco (n) Saturday Geelong vs West Coast Skilled Stadium Hawthorn vs Collingwood...