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  1. lionsrules

    rockliff wins rising star nomination Congrats to him! About time too!!:thumbsu::thumbsu::) After 3-4 good rounds of footy. He has finally been spotted by the southerners.
  2. lionsrules

    the selwoods

    adam did it in 2006 joel in 2007 now troy for 2008...ok im getting ahead of myself here, but if that was to happen some freaky stuff dont you think. :thumbsu:
  3. lionsrules

    freo or sydney

    just wanting to know all your thoughts about it, after this years grand final, who (as fans) do u hate more sydney or fremantle, i wish we had a second team up here to hate, cause i hate freo for some reason. also if u hate freo more then sydney would that have been different had sydney won the...
  4. lionsrules

    ANOTHER DEBUTANT.colm begley (round 20 teams)

    well earlier in the week i was reading threads here that colm begley should play or might play and hes been named in the squad to play, which i think is fantastic, good to see the lions using all their (un-injured) players everyone has been saying begley deserved to have a game this week, i...