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  1. xplo

    Drafting and Playing Lists

    I was having this discussion elsewhere, but thought I'd float the idea here, as it made me feel better. Obviously there's a lot of understandable angst around the prospect of losing 5 first and second draft selections. Now I'm not about to argue that this is a good thing and it certainly isn't...
  2. xplo

    A moment of reflection

    First up, I have to admit, I'm more excited about tonight's result than I have been since,... maybe beating West Coast in Perth in 2001 on our way to 16 straight. Certainly we've only won two games so far, and aren't a patch on that side. But there are some things I think we can take out of...
  3. xplo

    Brisbane 2007 Fixture - iCal format

    Went looking for an iCal format of 2007 season fixture and struggled so ended up writing my own. Not sure if anyone else uses iCal here, but here's the URL if you do -- saves entering it by hand. I've got it all syncing to my phone's calendar now...
  4. xplo

    Cheynee Stiller's 2006 Rating

    Just a bit of a wrap up for a guy who snuck off the rookie list and under everyone's guard. In the midst of an incredibly tedious debate over whether Joel Selwood would be better than Marc Murphy, a table was put together comparing Murphy's debut 11 games to a list of previous debutants like...
  5. xplo

    Mal Michael Talking about nominating for the PSD!

    Mal's manager was contacted this morning on SEN and failed to rule out him nominating. Word is that Essendon have come to him with a two year deal that he's keen on. Bowers spoke to KB later and said yes, they had heard this, and were not happy. They had contacted Vlad and Adrian to point out...
  6. xplo

    Aka to Dogs for picks only - confirmed

    Aker already traded 10:17:24 AM Mon 9 October, 2006 Jason Phelan Sportal for AFL trade week has got off to a flying start, with Brownlow Medallist Jason Akermanis traded from the Brisbane Lions to the Western Bulldogs. More details to come...
  7. xplo

    Fly MaCrae to the Tigers Richmond has announced another addition to its restructured coaching panel - triple Brisbane Lions premiership player Craig McRae. McRae will fill the newly-created position of Player Development Coach after having spent...
  8. xplo

    Message to the Jan & Berrick 'AkaBakka' Boyd,20797,19870472-5003410,00.html That door has a real kick to it -- don't let it hit your a%!$# on the way out.
  9. xplo

    Cheynee Stiller - NAB Rising Star

    No details yet, but heard it on SEN thius morning.
  10. xplo

    Harding Elevated this Week

    "Emerging rookie-listed midfielder Scott Harding will be elevated to the AAPT Brisbane Lions' senior list this week, after his impressive performances in the pre-season."
  11. xplo

    Begley will play

    'Irish recruit Colm Begley's first official game of footy will be in the AFL – when he makes his debut in the NAB Cup quarter-final against Melbourne at the Telstra Dome tonight.',5936,18328631%255E10389,00.html
  12. xplo

    Official: Clark, Mills, Hooper & Patfull

    Mitchell Clark Details: Club: East Fremantle/Rossmoyne DOB: 19 October 1987 Hgt: 197cm Wgt: 90kg Position: CHF/Ruck Natural Foot: Right Wayde Mills Details: Club: Southport DOB: 29 August 1987 Hgt: 196cm Wgt: 88kg Position: Centre Half Back Natural Foot: Right Rhan Hooper AIS AFL Academy...
  13. xplo

    Adcock Rising Star!

    Jed Adcock is the Round 12 NAB AFL Rising Star nomination following a string of excellent performances for the Brisbane Lions.
  14. xplo

    Lions Vs Doggies

    B: Chris Johnson, 2, Mal Michael, 15, Jed Adcock, 7 HB: Joel Macdonald, 26, Justin Leppitsch, 23, Robert Copeland, 30 C: Brad Scott, 5, Michael Voss, 3, Tim Notting, 8 HF Luke Power, 6, Jonathan Brown, 16, Jason Akermanis, 12 F: Justin Sherman, 29, Daniel Bradshaw, 36, Chris Scott...
  15. xplo

    2005 Debutantes

    It's interesting to reflect that for all the press about 'Baby Hawks' and Clarkson's 'I'm going with the kids', Hawthorn have blooded 5 first gamers in 2005. Brisbane have blooded 8. -Moody -Spaanderman -Attard -Sherman -Merrett -Logan -Selwood -Wood
  16. xplo

    Bunnings Selwood

    Not a great deal said about him, but it was a pretty handy game. Swapping off the bench but finished with 8 disposals, a mark and 6 tackles. The little chop out he did to set up Pike as he cannoned into Fisher was a gem for a first gamer. Moves around like he's played 50 games. Shades of...
  17. xplo

    Pat Garner

    Did anyone watch much of Paddy last season? That was the 'Shattock pick' and they passed over a bigger, quicker guy in Moran for him, yet I didn't really hear much about him during the AFLQ season. Can anyone walk me through the thinking here?
  18. xplo

    Lappin wins First Lions B&F

    Merrett-Murray Medal Top 10 1 – Nigel Lappin, 76 votes 2 – Luke Power, 68 3 – Simon Black, 66 4 – Jason Akermanis, 63 4 – Michael Voss, 63 6 – Mal Michael, 58 7 – Robbie Copeland, 56 8 – Chris Johnson, 53 9 – Justin Leppitsch, 52.5 10 – Jonathan Brown 50 Other Trophies: Most...
  19. xplo

    WC and Freo go hard at McGrath and Hadley,8033,10923475%255E19742,00.html It's a top priority to sign those two. We don't have a lot of guys around the 20-23 mark so we can't afford to lose either of them. A few of us around here didn't like the idea McRae or White being...
  20. xplo

    Poor gunder

    Just an update on our poor mate 'Gunders' illness as it progresses. Here's a selection of some of the Brisbane focussed threads that he has started in the past 72 hours. Brians bleat an old tune Lets all cheat.... more rumblings The Machine Team Another player wants to go home, guess...