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    Coaching staff

    Don't want to 'ruffle feathers', be politically incorrect or compromise privacy, but ... do we know the 'adjustments' to the coaching group? (Worth noting, Clarko mentioned on the 'Heavy Hitters' podcast that we'd had one eye on the future & kept some folk 'w potential' (my words) instead of...
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    Rookie rules

    Can someone explain what's the deal - after so many changes to the rules over time - with the different categories of rookie, what the rules are regarding 'tenure', eligibility to play seniors etc. I thought I had a decent understanding, including Cat B & the like, but I think I'm foolin'...
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    Coaching responsibilities - forward, mid, back

    Does anyone know who's coaching what these days? I was sure I saw Yze with the forwards the other week and I reckon' one of the players mentioned Ratten had been working with the midfield. (Last year, they were defence and offense respectively, I believe.) With Fagan gone as well - Burt, not...
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    What's happened to David Neitz?

    Maybe I missed something, but on website recent changes to Carroll, Bello, Newman, Bailey, Burt's positions all recorded ... everyone else accounted for (Bruce, 'Monky', etc., etc), as far as I can tell ... no mention of Nietz? On SM-G935F using mobile app
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    Coaching Changes

    Can anyone explain why so many coaching moves @ Box Hill this year? Almost nobody left from last year; noting senior coach, Bello, & Academy head, Carroll, remain ... something like 6 newbies. To what extent would Hawthorn be involved in the process? Is it because people moved on, or were they...
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    Can anybody solve this dilemma? Sure Zac Webster's no. 48 in the rookie draft would suggest there are some things to be worked on and some time needed, but, to be honest, he sounds exactly the kind of player we all want at Hawthorn - tough, relentless, unselfish, hard at it and the rest...
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    Coaching Appointments - how they're made?

    Absolutely no problems with the appointment of Cameron Bruce, for example, but just wondered - if it don't seem a dumb question - what the process is in making such a choice; the same sort of question arises with the appointment of any new coach, including Brett Ratten (inspired as it was). I...
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    Defence Coach

    Now that Ross Smith has moved on, has someone assumed responsibility (been appointed) Defensive Coach. Notoriously slow on the uptake, the official website has removed RS but there's no mention of recent inclusion Luke Beveridge. However, it was my understanding he was appointed to a...