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  1. Vineyy

    Trades Round 22 Trades

    Wouldn't it make more sense to trade both Stewart and Lloyd as they're both no certainty to play next week whereas Brayshaw is almost guaranteed to be back? I have all 3 of them as well and am opting to trade Stewart & Lloyd.
  2. Vineyy

    Trades Round 22 Trades

    Best two defenders with $1,078,600 to spend? I like Dawson with Sydney's draw and both Lloyd and Mills out. This would leave me with $537,800... which would have options like Harris-Andrews, Ridley, Short, Maynard... This is hard. Could also just go Rich & Ridley instead.
  3. Vineyy

    Round Rd 17 Preview / Tribute

    Pick 2 out of these 3: 1. 120 Points (Bramble) 2. Neale vs Saints 3. Taranto vs Suns
  4. Vineyy

    Position 2021 Rucks

    Played one game in 2019 so it's the second game of his career. Has only played one game this year.
  5. Vineyy

    Position 2021 Rookies

    Thanks for that. I think Brockman too as McCreery could be back for byes if the injury isn't bad. Not confident Brockman will get a gig despite Hawthorn being average.
  6. Vineyy

    Position 2021 Rookies

    Who to trade out out of one of McCreery, H Jones, Brockman, F Macrae & Lazarro (don't have access to breakevens) - one has to go to avoid a donut :drunk: Obviously would prefer to keep rookies that are more likely to play during the byes. Not that it should matter but I started with all of them...
  7. Vineyy

    Round Round 1 Match Day Discussion - And Away We Go !

    This guy in a random league SC allocated me to appears to have won the weekly :oops:
  8. Vineyy

    How many trades left?

    7 after 3 trades this week. I should have traded harder. Playing for cash league though so it's not the end of the world.
  9. Vineyy

    Round 10 trades

    Not sure if I'm missing the joke but Rich was only estimated to miss one game, I think Witherden's score will change significantly with Rich in the side.
  10. Vineyy

    Round 9 VC/C

    Brown got to 819k in 2006. Insane.
  11. Vineyy

    Round 9 VC/C

    I wonder what the highest ever SC price is? I recall GAJ getting very close to the 800K mark but I'm not sure if he got above it?
  12. Vineyy

    Round 3 Trades

    I like the second option providing Naismith isn't named this week.
  13. Vineyy

    Round 3 Trades

    Hey lads. Team went horrible round 2 after a really strong showing in round 1. Need to fix some issues. I think the biggest two issues are Jacobs in the Ruck and Houston in Defence. Proposed solutions: The Pittonet trade seems to be better for points and will likely end up being better for...
  14. Vineyy

    Round 11 Trades

  15. Vineyy

    Round 8 Trades

    Anyone have the breakevens of: Butters Duursma Gibbons Drew? Need to work out which two to trade out.
  16. Vineyy

    2019 Player X v Y v Z

    Great response. Thanks mate!
  17. Vineyy

    2019 Player X v Y v Z

    Stewart looks good. Ryan's price is inflated from the 156. If you can wait another week I'd go Laird after seeing how he goes without Milera in the team, otherwise if it's this week go Stewart.
  18. Vineyy

    2019 Player X v Y v Z

    Which player do I trade out to bring in Lockhart. Collins or Clark? Both have BE of 43.
  19. Vineyy

    Round 1 Discussion (Dedicated to Jiska)

    Captain Coniglio