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  1. joff

    Opinion If you had one pick

    If you had first pick over time who would you take. I've been arguing with my brother who would you take first pick he says Phil Carmen I'm thinking John Greening would love to know everyone's thoughts fwiw Bucks is the best I've seen
  2. joff

    Opinion Tom Lynch/Did we dodge a bullet?

    Would like to know other pies fans opinions on Lynch he's not doin to well at the tigers, would he be playing better if he had come to us, is his poor form because of the Tigers injuries or is he just not as good as all the hype suggested
  3. joff

    Oppo Camp Non pies games

    Dee's doin well against the the weagles and the umps
  4. joff

    injured cat is saved thanks to all involved

    Hi all thought I'd reach out to my fellow pies fans ask if anyone knows about cats I've an old cat that was left at a property I purchased on the Murray River anyway I've been looking after her for 3yrs grown very attached I've moved back to QLD staying at a mates place surrounded by jungle,cat...
  5. joff

    cat saved thanks to bigfooty superheros

    Hi all was hoping someone may be able to help me out my cat was attacked by a huge python this morning(9ft) after I got the snake uncoiled off her the cat took off and hadn't been seen since.She is a very furry cat and there was plenty of it left on the back deck.We're staying at a mates place...
  6. joff

    is this Steels year to go elite?

    Would love Steele to go to the same level as Beams,Swanny and Pendles. Bucks has give him the challenge, I think he can take it up that notch we all want to see consistently