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  1. Maddo11

    Rumour St Kilda player OD's

    Rumour doing the rounds that a St Kilda youngster has OD'd on the gold coast, but i haven't seen anything in the news yet. Anyone here heard anything?
  2. Maddo11

    Solved On mobile, stuck on the desktop theme.

    Hey guys, I'm using a Samsung note 3 with chrome browser to use the site. Occasionally i accidentally hit the "desktop site" link at the bottom of a thread. It then seems to remember that i accidentally clicked it any time i try and go back to the thread its in desktop mode. How do i get it back...
  3. Maddo11

    Autopsy Things we learnt against Geelong

    What a win! Alliiirrr looks amazing. Multiple goal kickers. No Danger, no danger. Rampe, best game this year. Must admit i had no confidence but i was proven wrong. If we show up like this for every remaining game we shouldnt lose any of them.
  4. Maddo11

    Blood rule and the interchange cap.

    Just a quick couple of questions about the interchange cap. Does coming off under the blood rule count as an interchange against the cap? Theres no mention of it in the laws. And what happens if there are no interchanges remaining?
  5. Maddo11

    Richards on Mitchell

    What do we think? could be anywhere from 2 down to 1 or 4 weeks for mine. discuss
  6. Maddo11

    Dogs v Blues

    no thread yet. Dogs look good. Commentators talking sh*t as always.
  7. Maddo11

    Changes for 2014 - Duck season open.

    From The ducking amendments seem reasonable. Soft free kicks for players initiating high contact was happening far too often. I'm a little concerned about the fix for the Thomas - Reid head clash scenario though. I suspect it will...
  8. Maddo11

    Hartlett bump on Tape

    With barely any Suns fans on BF, i thought i'd get this one started :p Video here: Similar to the Thomas on Reid bump early to the year. Hartlett could be in trouble here, could get nothing. Pros: Didn't leave the ground Appears...
  9. Maddo11

    Precedent question? Oh dear. So for the last two years, the MRP have been stressing that each incident will be judged on its merits, not on any decision previously made. Yeah? I don't mind this change in position. However, does this now...