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  1. a mayes ing

    Round 18 Rising Star

    Unless there are any major performances over the next few days then l would be very surprised if Fiorini doesn't get it this week. Really don't think it matters much if GC lost, it isn't Fiorini's fault. Got 28 disposals, 7 marks and 4 tackles. Been multiple weeks where he has had high disposal...
  2. a mayes ing

    Round 21 RS Nominee

    Gonna be hard to go past Jono Freeman: 8 disp, 2 marks, 4 goals. Lloyd (swans) is a good chance with 21 dis, 10marks, 1 goal and 7 tackles. Broomhead with 3 goals as well for Collingwood.
  3. a mayes ing

    Competitions Come up with Close/Mayes names for a mayes ing

    Am considering changing my username to something relating to Close. He is fast becoming my favourite lions player. Thoughts on name?
  4. a mayes ing

    Round 8 Rising Star Nomination

    I may be a bit biased, but l think it could be Marco Papperone from the lions this week. 29 disposals, 7 marks, 1 goal Menzel might also be a chance with his 14 disposal, 6 marks, 3 goals and 2 tackles.
  5. a mayes ing

    Leppa's Gameplan

    I jus dont understand. Leppitch was supposed to be a really good defensive coach and our gameplan is also meant to help our defense even more. This season our defense looks really bad and leaks a lot of goals. We are not getting blown away in the 1st qurter like we used to but individually our...