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  1. bombard

    Prediction Hindsight Heroes - your 2021 draft selections

    Is someone setting up a hindsight heroes thread so we can all make our own picks for the record?
  2. bombard

    Victoria Hub

    Apologies if posted elsewhere - looks like we're about to Hub. Sigh:
  3. bombard

    Simmo Interview Summaries 2020

    G'day fellow non-obsessives, Some years ago I used to keep a running thread of Simmon press conferences for the just-a-fans amongst us. Unfortunately life got in the way in terms of jobs, a Mrs Bombard and now a Bombardling. As a means of trying to shirk my new responsibilities, I've decided I...
  4. bombard

    Roast Robert Walls

    Dear Robert: stop. Regards, everyone.
  5. bombard

    Port Shanghai match

    if any Eagles BF types are st the Shanghai game - drink? Will post photos if anyone's interested. Port fans bloody everywhere in Shanghai - not a GC fan in sight.
  6. bombard

    Game Day Round 16 V North Melbourne (does anybody have an Ark?)

    Round 16 – Preview WCE v North Melbourne (working title: does anyone have an Ark? We need to prepare for Brad Scott’s raging torrent of tears) “I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Brad, and Lindsay was following close behind him. They were given power over a...
  7. bombard

    Resource Simmo's interview summaries 2016

    Good afternoon comrades. Simmo emerged out of the cave today, and with that, so shall I: - Asked re Champion Data prediction of us being "the next superpower": Not relevant to what we do. They picked it two years ago as well. We've been a favourite of theirs for a while. Not something we're...
  8. bombard

    Prediction Who are the teams keeping you up at night?

    Comrades, As the season CRAWLS towards us, and as the much-vaunted Subway thread slows down, I thought this might keep us occupied. As always, mods, feel free to delete. With that, which are the teams you're most concerned about this year? Which are the ones keeping you up at night? (By...
  9. bombard

    Injury Cavka forced to retire

    Tragic blow for the youngster. Sorry we never got to see you mate.
  10. bombard

    Not a stalker, just a fan: Simmo's interview summaries

    Hi all, Per requests from others in the changes thread, sticking media summaries in here from now on. Mods - please feel free to torpedo this if you don't think it's warranted. Today's presser: - Asked re Barrass: Not this week. Going in unchanged. Save you the trip to the airport. - First...
  11. bombard

    Positives & Negatives - Paddle-pop-Lion-licking, round 4

    Nobody else seems to have started one, so I'll kick one off I guess. Mods - apologies if duplicating. Positives: - Gov. Self-evident reasons. - Duggan: I know it's very early days, but that quarter and a half today was a class above everyone else on the field. Short of fitness concerns, I...
  12. bombard

    Toast Duggan for skills coach

    I know he was coming on as a sub in a foregone conclusion of a game - but honestly, his skills were a class above today. Very, very good effort from the kid.
  13. bombard

    Quinten Lynch a footy player? "Not any more!"

    Apologies if this is elsewhere. News from the Pies that the big Q has put the cue back in the rack (see what I did there). An absolute champion of the club who deserves our recognition despite donning the black and the white (really, that was our call).
  14. bombard

    Toast Playing for the supporters

    Hi all, First time I've kicked off a thread, so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. Ignoring the result itself on Friday, which was great (despite our general crapness all night), there's something else that was nice to watch: the way the boys embraced the crowd. Maybe this is...