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  1. anabac


    Heading to the 'Bool this week for the carnival. First time i've been, really looking forward to it. We've signed up as members (worked out same price as buying tickets each day). Anyone else here been there in previous years? Any tips? Best pubs etc.?
  2. anabac

    Racing in Tokyo

    I'm in Tokyo at the moment, there's racing on here tomorrow and I'm keen to watch the flemington races while I'm here too. Has anyone here been to the Tokyo racecourse before, and if so were they showing the Aussie races? I know it's a long shot but worth the ask because I can't even find a form...
  3. anabac

    Tennis betting for beginners

    Have always done pretty well punting on tennis and is in fact the only sport I am in profit over my lifetime. I wont be giving writeups all the time with all the bets, but when i get a chance i will. Only 1 for today which is : 2U - Benneteau -4.5 games vs Andujar @ $1.80 (Pinnacle)...
  4. anabac

    Betting tennis in the run

    Just wondering if anyone here has much experience or had much success on betting on tennis in running? Ive found that its my most profitable sport to bet on. I'm half decent at tennis in general, but the in-play betting is where i make more profit than any other sport combined. It seems if i...
  5. anabac

    AFL Finals - Week 3

    Sydney $1.62 Collingwood $2.30 Hawthorn $1.16 Adelaide $5.25 Pies will probably come in considering the swans haven't beaten them in years. Hawthorn price seems right.
  6. anabac

    Nagoya vs Central Coast - ACL tonight

    Anyone who wants to have a punt tonight could do alot worse than Central Coast at $6.30 (Sportsbet) vs Nagoya. Nagoya have won just 1 of their last 4 in the J League, and will be without Josh Kennedy who is a late withdrawal after the weekends J League game. In their 2 other home games in the...
  7. anabac

    Record of team performance at different grounds

    Just wondering where i could find the stats of a teams performance at each ground individually. For example i just wanted to know what Geelongs record is at Etihad? I tried Footywire, but cant seem to find this specific option..
  8. anabac

    Question regarding the sub in race betting

    Just wondering if you get the sub when you have had a multi bet, or whether it only counts for running doubles, quaddies, big 6 etc. For example today i had a multi of Lyric in the 1st race at Canterbury into Cash Bound in the 2nd at Sandown. Lyric was scratched but the sub won the race. Now...
  9. anabac

    $$ per unit?

    Might be considered a dumb question by some, but just wondering when punters on this forum are talking 1 unit or 3 units or whatever, how much are you staking? Or more importantly, is it a % of your bankroll, or do you re-evaluate how much per unit once your bankroll gets bigger or smaller? I...
  10. anabac

    Who rucks if Goldy doesn't play?

    With Goldy in doubt, and Hamish a few weeks away, does this mean we will be playing Drew and Pederson alternating in the ruck?