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  1. jatz14

    Resource 2018 Financial statement

    Annual Report courtesy of the Wookies website Key note Surplus from ordinary activities $7.6 mill. total assets $106 mill. Net assets $77 mill. Best in the AFL, by a margin.
  2. jatz14

    Non WA Eagles fans?

    Just listened to a podcast (Fan Grrrls), who interviewed Kasey Simons who is the editor of the womens version of the Footy Almanac. Turns out she has been a mad keen Eagles supporter her whole life, despite being a born and bred Victorian. They also mentioned an immigrant to Vic from Ireland...
  3. jatz14

    Toast Schofield - Where does he sit.

    Always a personal favourite of mine, Schofield has spent large sections of his time at the Eagles fighting for a spot in the backline. A player never considered one of the key defenders picked in the team first, but rather, a fill in. An extra tall if we need extra, or a backup tall if we lose...
  4. jatz14

    VFLW Senior # 1: Courtney Ugle - 50 games!

    Video on Courtney Ugle. Hers is a pretty inspiring story, and where she is, considering her background is testament to her strength of character and that of her siblings. Most people with her sort of back story end up in a very dark place. For those thinking its a puff piece, a short...
  5. jatz14

    AFLW West Coast Women 2021 - Discussion

    Here we are. Season 2021, with a big list turnover and some new fresh exciting faces coming into the Blue & Gold We’ve also had a new coach - Daniel Pratt, who looks he to engaging a similar mantra to Simmo - follow the process and control the controllables. For me, I come in hopeful of more...
  6. jatz14

    AFLW West Coast Eagles Women's Team - Discussion Thread

    It may be a little early for 2020, but in reality, Eagles draft their womens team next year, and they are building towards it now. I am really interested in AFLW, and have been forced to follow Freo in the interim, and am really looking forward to an Eagles team to get behind. Yes, I know a...
  7. jatz14

    The Reserve - Brisbane Lions making a play for a $70 mill stadium at Springfield to house its women's team. I am sure they may find another use or 2 for it as well, but its interesting that it is the womens team that is the selling point, especially...
  8. jatz14

    First season video

    Collingwood have produced an excellent video into the clubs first womens season.
  9. jatz14

    International Development

    Started this thread as it seems worthy of discussion, and the topic is invading other threads. Discuss what you know of development, overall and in specific countries, where it is going right, where it is going wrong, what should be attainable, what is not. Is it important, should it not be...
  10. jatz14

    IC 2017

    AFL Europe has announced a European Crusaders team for the international cup. Consisting of Croatian, Danish, English, French, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish players. Great Britain is sending its own team. Below is their promo website with a video. If you were even curious what it would be...
  11. jatz14

    This AFL Life

    Podcast series by Aasta O'Conner and Darcy Vescio They are quite amusing to listen to, one of the best podcasts on womens footy, and the only one I know of from actual players. Ran all last year, the last one has just been released, which is the first since AFLW training has started. Worth...
  12. jatz14

    AFLW Strongest Lists

    OK, Now we have some lists we start to get a feel for the strength of the teams. Who is in best position, who are flag favourites, who wins the first wooden spoon. I must admit myself I am having some trouble getting my head around what the simple list of names translates into in terms of...
  13. jatz14


    We have lots of threads regarding the mechanics and process of the new league, and some individual games, what we do not have is a thread to discuss the football part of womens football. Merge with another thread if mods feel it is not required What can we expect on the park, what sort of play...
  14. jatz14

    Western Bulldogs VFL team sign English player

    Sam Willat from the North London Lions has been signed to Footscray in the VFL. He has come over to try his luck and done well. All the best to him. So, if we keep seeing a growing number of players making it onto state league team lists, how long to someone makes it to an AFL team from...
  15. jatz14

    Eagles Women's team

    I have been following the developments of a womens league for some time, but have never been entirely sure about the Eagles attitude to it. They expressed support, but never in a way that made it clear they were not just paying lip service to the idea...
  16. jatz14

    WCE Coaching v BF

    I thought it worth a thread for the WCE BF community to ponder its performance relative the performance of the collective coaching/recruiting prowess of the Eagles over the last few years. If you thought WC would be in the top 2, and genuinely being talked about as one of the flag favourites by...
  17. jatz14

    Historic first telecast of women's footy (with poll)

    That time many thought would never ever happen is here. The next womens AFL exhibition game Sunday 16th August, will be on FTA, as the first part of a double header. Does the AFL and channel 7 push it like mad to try and create an 'event' like atmosphere, or, is having got it on air the end of...
  18. jatz14

    Womens AFL game streaming

    You can watch the Womens game at the AFL website here from 12.15 Have a look, find out what all the fuss is about.
  19. jatz14

    NN and 2015 rule interpretation changes

    AFL rule interpretation changes explained here First thing I thought of for the first was NN. The number of times I have seen a player make a bee line for NN before a marking contest to block him out. If we have a fit...
  20. jatz14

    Womens AFL Game(s) 2015

    Nominations for the draft for the womens AFL games have opened today, with a second game later in the year pencilled in. A second mini draft to be held prior to the second game. This thread is for peoples thoughts on 1. Are the AFL womens games achieving what was intended 2. Is there...