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    Training Suggestions For Waite During His Week Off

    Grab Majak. Handcuff yourself to him. Drag him around Arden Street Oval on leads every day this week. Rinse & Repeat until Maj gets it. Release Daw against Sydney. Wishful thinking, I know, as Daw is injured. However, it seems we've tried everything else.
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    I Don't Get This Waite Interest

    Can somebody enlighten me? What am I missing? I keep seeing reports that North should make a play for Waite. In today's Herald Sun I read that Wayne Schwass, of all people, really thinks we should try and sign him up. I can only see downside to this line of thinking. First we'd be getting...
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    Biggest Home/Away Game In a Decade

    With all the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth that's going on here, it's easy to forget the significance of this Friday's game agains the Hawks. If we win this one, we will have beaten all top 4 teams this year. The curious thing is that, despite everything, for the first time since 2000 we...
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    The Sky Is Falling! Let's Lynch Someone Now

    Well we'll find out what other clubs do now. Let's see, the Bulldogs for starters. They haven't even got a Franklin to blame it on! And what about the Bombers? Managed to lose to Melbourne, if you don't mind. The Eagles managed to lose to the team that we were so crap in beating last week. Port...
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    Great to See the Grrr.. is Back in the Team

    This has probably been spoken about already. However, I purposefully kept away from Big Footy since Sunday because I knew that the venting would have been overwhelming - so I haven't seen it. It's fantastic to see Greenwood & Grima back in the team at last. I believe our structure is now right...
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    Mike Sheehan's mind works in mysterious ways!!!

    I've just heard Mike Sheehan state on On The Couch that, based on last Friday's performance, Richmond have gone past North Melbourne. Let's ignore the fact that North beat Richmond on Friday for a moment. I'm pretty sure that this is, at least, the third time that Richmond have passed out North...
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    Talk about flattering to deceive!!!

    I'm still a bit shellshocked with what transpired tonight. However, just wind back the clock to 15 minutes into the second quarter. How did you all feel at that time? I really reckoned that we were on our way. I knew that the Saints would come at us. However, I thought if we could get to...
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    Our "backing up" is superb

    North player attacks the ball around the centre of the ground. He fumbles due to the quirky bounce. Another North player comes charging through, picks up the ball and sets up an attack. The first time I saw this, I thought,\ "that was lucky". The second time I saw it, I thought "things are...
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    I hate a lot of the "holding the ball" decisions

    I know the rule was brought in to stop the game from getting bogged down but there is nothing worse in football than waiting for the inevitable "holding the ball" decision when some poor guy is trapped with the ball being held to him. It just seems way over the top to me. It, also, happens when...
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    Mao's Last Dancer is a North Supporter!!!

    The kids were watching Foxtel today (the Disney Channel, I think) and this little piece came on where the daughter of the guy from Mao's Last Dancer was describing her dads life. It transpires that they are all avid Roos supporters. They looked like they were rally into North. They even showed...
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    Grima, Grima, Grima, Grima, Grima, Grima!

    and..... Grima. That's all I've got to say except... How much would we have beaten Essendon by if he was in the team?
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    The Grrrrrrr Factor

    Greenwood and Grima. Nuff said. They are why we will win lots of games in the future!! Grunt and class.
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    Community Cup - Smart Arse Comment

    It's the little snide remarks that really get up my nose! In Sporting Life on the back page of The Age, Mark Hawthorn writes about the RRR/PBS Megahertz v Espy Rockdogs Community Cup game at Elsternwick Park. All good stuff until he has his rotten little dig at North as follows:- "Sunday's...
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    Lyndsey Thomas, our not so small small player

    I notice that Thomas is 181 cms. That's much taller than all the other good "small" players going around like Milne, Rioli, Betts & Harvey. He's also taller than Wells. I think this can be a big advantage for him when it comes to marking the ball. It really allows him to be very flexible and...
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    Lachie's Shots at Goal at the Weekend

    I wonder what was going on with him on Friday. From the time he kicked that great goal against Brisbane a couple of seasons back, I always thought he had a fairly good kick. Even last week he was pretty good apart from the little slip up near the end of the game. However, on Friday he looked...
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    Clangers by our Leaders

    I'm, probably being a bit harsh here I know, given the effort they put in. However, at Etihad tonight, our main leaders (Harvey, Rawlings, Wells & Spud) made far too many seriously costly clangers. When I think back on the game, these 4 guys were the chief culprits on the turnover side of...
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    The Final Ignominy

    This is as low as I've ever felt after a North supporter and it's not because we lost. To see about half our team pathetically chasing after a bigger, stronger footballer was hard to watch as it can get. Well gone are the days of Mickey Martin throwing James Hird around like a drag doll. Today...
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    After we went 7 Up in the 3rd Quarter...

    I know I fully expected us to run out of puff somewhere around half way through the third quarter but I was still very disappointed how it materialised. Immediately after Wells scored that game lifting goal to put us 7 points up our setup at the next two bounces in the middle were inexplicable...
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    The Chicken Little Thread

    I've created this thread as a dumping ground for the numerous other threads that are going to be created this year after our very young team, (who practically everybody agrees are going to be up and down this season due to their inexperience), fail to live up to our sky high expectations. I've...
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    Membership Crap!!!

    I bought 3 Schimma memberships this year. The 2 kids received their packs yesterday and were really excited. Lots of goodies, particularly the neat little pen. They headed off to school this morning very proud of themselves to show off all the kanga gear. They arrived home to tell me that both...