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  1. The 747

    Rumour Buckley to resign

    source: some bloke at the pub with a line to the coaches box. Make of it what you will.
  2. The 747

    Aussie bowlers fitness/form thread

    Seeing as none of them can stay fit for more than two games, lets have a thread to set down who is fit, who is not, who is in form, who is not. Injured Cummins - Entire summer, aims to bowl again in Feb Pattinson - All remaining Tests Harris - On the comeback, eta? Watson - should play next...
  3. The 747

    Mitchell Johnson & Ishant Sharma - rethink?

    There was a thread a while ago about this. Was mostly considered a joke thread as Ishant was widely considered to be superior to MJ. Now what do we think? Sharma 15 Tests 44 wickets Johnson 20* Tests 89 wickets To ward off the usual Indian bowlers have tough conditions etc, remember that for...