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    Father & Son & Academy Prospects

    What about the Kellaway boys do have the any male offspring?
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    Player Watch #39 Mate Colina

    Reports are that he can run the 1500 mt. in about 5 min and has already played a couple of seasons of junior footy with his cousin Noah.
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    Player Watch #47 Bigoa Nyuon

    Biggy was gifted a game in the ones as his body of work in the twos didn't demand a promotion. His performance was mainly VFL level with periods of AFL level thrown in. Miller however ripped the game a new one yesterday in the VFL which screamed out promote me.
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    Player Watch #47 Bigoa Nyuon

    Played like a VFL player for much of the game, not ready yet has the tools but body and mind not there yet.
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    Player Watch #26 Riley Collier-Dawkins

    His GF was good but in his previous three finals games he averaged 8 disposals per game.
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    Player Watch #26 Riley Collier-Dawkins

    He had that block of games last season 6 in a row for a total of 9. I agree with your assessment that we are in a situation of needing to win games so his next chance may have to wait.
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    Player Watch #26 Riley Collier-Dawkins

    Didn't he get that last season?
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    Player Watch #26 Riley Collier-Dawkins

    We all would love it if RCD developed into Dusty's replacement but in his fourth season he it not showing showing enough AFL midfield traits to suggest he will be a regular in a strong team. He didn't slide to pick 18 for nothing, a lot of other recruiting depts. passed on him before we took a...
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    Welcome #28 Josh Gibcus - Will Debut Rd 1!

    Razor would you like back that statement with some proof? "If we could get any trade for him then get it done ASAP was the 98-99% consensus." Rance never had this level of hostility, seems like something pulled of your proverbial to make a cheap point. Yes earlier on Rance made regular...
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    Player Watch #21: Noah Balta

    Balta shouldn't be even mentioned in the same sentence as Stringer. Stringer carries condition, lacks endurance and if he has to sprint too hard can ping his hammy.
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    Open training session tomorrow (Sat 19th Feb)

    How? He was by far and away the best midfielder on the yellow team and stayed involved in the contest up and down the ground.
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    Preview Richmond 2022 preview: Season predictions for the Tigers

    Stack on the wing? He wont have the tank.
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    Welcome Welcome to Richmond Pick 30 - Judson Clarke

    To be more accurate he had an awkward kicking style that was effective up to 45 metres. What Duncan brought was pressure in spades.
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    Speculation Liam Stocker

    Stocker has only average kicking skills.
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    Draft Expert Knightmare's 2021 Draft Almanac

    Knightmare Richmond's midfield stats have been average since Soldo was shoved into oncoming players by Hawkins and did his ACL. A fully fit Soldo will give our midfield more access to the ball in centre bounces and ball ups.
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    No Oppo Supporters The TAN 79

    Maybe because having actually had Covid and that gives you greater protection than a double dosed person. The real question is why our chief health officers refuse to acknowledge the protection that having covid gives the person. And no I am not an anti vaxer (double vaxed with AstraZeneca)
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    Draft Expert Knightmare's 2021 Draft Almanac

    Hi Knightmare I have noticed a trend in Richmonds drafting in the last couple of seasons and this combined with some of the recruiters comments leads me to suspect that we are looking to draft like for like players whenever possible. Dow for Edwards Gibcus for Rance Clarke for Lambert Sonsie...
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    Training Pre Season 21/22

    Yes I noticed that he was looking above the camera, I wonder if the message was written for him by some-one else.
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    Live Event 2021 AFL Draft live discussion

    Rance type backmen only come around every couple of drafts, there are sometimes 3-4 quality midfielders each draft so when a quality defender falls to your pick it is wise to grab that player. ( yes making the Rance comparison is a big call but after seeing some of the highlights and reports he...
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    Speculation Liam Stocker

    Richmond picked RCD after Stocker and it looks as if he has finally built an AFL standard tank if the preseason reports are true.(fingers crossed) His tank was his biggest issue as it restricted him from applying his defensive game. ( he is good offensively) Stocker should have his tank up to...