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  1. WillHayward

    Lions - Can't cut it on the big stage?

    Plenty of folk had Lions as flag favourites (before last night). Currently in 3rd so that says "contender" but when it matters they just cant cut it. Why is this? 2020 Prelim Final - GABBA - 40 point loss to Cats 2021 - Qualifying Final - AO - 33 point loss to Demons 2021 - Semi Final - GABBA...
  2. WillHayward

    Analysis Interesting article on ground shapes and sizes
  3. WillHayward

    Expansion Next Coach of the GWS Giants FC - with poll

    GWS now officially in the market for a new coach. For those selecting "Other" - can you please name contenders in the thread. Thanks.
  4. WillHayward

    Analysis Brisbane Giants

    No no this is not a ridiculous merger thread. I'm talking TALL TIMBER. The Lions have five players 200cm or over in the squad this week. I expect four to play. When Hipwood returns they have five of their best 22 who are over 200cm tall - Daniher, Hipwood, Andrews, Fort, McInerney. Is this...
  5. WillHayward

    Expansion List of Suns who do better after they leave

    Brodie Lynch Prestia Scrimshaw May O'Meara Lyons Ah Chee Martin Wright Hall Dixon Hickey McKenzie Saad
  6. WillHayward

    Speculation Tristan Xerri
  7. WillHayward

    Footy Classified 2022

    Does anyone know when footy classified starts this year?
  8. WillHayward

    Meet Up Herald Sun Supercoach League

    Hi there folks I just started a super coach league. 12 teams. Public. Draft Tuesday 1 March 4.30pm. Link - The Herald Sun KFC SuperCoach League name - Swans BF League League Code - 134 924 Cheers Hayward's Hustlers
  9. WillHayward

    Radio "fascinating"

    The most annoying over-used word by footy "journos". Every single story. No matter how mundane is described as "fascinating". Worst culprits are Damo , Kane, McLure, Caro, and all the other s**t kickers on radio and on the footy newsy podcasts etc. Really pisses me off.
  10. WillHayward

    Jack Darling and Cam Ellis-Yolmen

    Both currently stood down for refusing to be vaxxed . Interesting to see how this pans out. Lions midfielder moved to inactive list after refusing COVID vaccine -
  11. WillHayward

    Toast Warner Brothers

  12. WillHayward

    Preview 2022 Spoon (poll)

    Who has the worst list in the AFL right now?
  13. WillHayward

    Rumour Oh Wayne. You've done it again.

    Wayne Carey accused of owing $600k in loans Former footy great Wayne Carey is being chased over more than $600,000 in loans he allegedly owes to his brother’s roofing company...
  14. WillHayward

    Rules Is AFL club "membership" merely a marketing gimmick?

    37 years a Pies member, but Barrie Cassidy still can’t vote (
  15. WillHayward

    Rumour Ben King 2023

    To the Bombers I've heard.
  16. WillHayward

    Is Eddie the Denis Handlin of the AFL?

    Just watched the 4 Corners on Sony Australia CEO Denis Handlin. A total campaigner. Just wondering how long Eddie has until something comes out similar about him? Tick tock.
  17. WillHayward

    List Mgmt. 2022 Retirements

    Oddly enough we have retained all our older players. This means we can expect a bunch of retirements in 2022. Five you'd think. JPK Reid Naismith Sinclair Taylor
  18. WillHayward

    Recommitted Phil Davis [re-signed]

    Surely he retires? GWS pick up Gibcus in draft? Stein and Taylor ahead of Davis now.
  19. WillHayward

    Coach Carlton Coach 2022 - with poll

    Ok. So it looks the Blues will finally go through a proper process with an open field. Strangely enough Sportsbet has Clarko as favourite (not encouraging gambling). Blues fans - this isn't who you want. It is who you think it will actually be.
  20. WillHayward

    Rumour Craig Macrae new Collingwood Coach

    Announced officially this week.