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  1. Roobs321

    Health Things you can do without your glasses

    I’ve been wearing prescription glasses & sunnies since 2009. Im shortsighted/nearsighted. The only times I don’t wear glasses: - when relaxed in bed (e.g. sleep, reading book, phone, sex, chill, etc.) - when swimming/bathing - when jogging - morning routine (getting dressed, bathroom, coffee...
  2. Roobs321

    Fave Debut Albums by Australian Rock Bands

    i.e. general rock band set-up of singer, guitar, drums and bass, stretch that definition as far as you feel rock-appropriate I always find myself most partial to these 4 personally:
  3. Roobs321

    Matches which featured 10+ (or zero) future coaches?

    Including both official head coaches and acting/caretaker head coaches, which 44 (or less*) has produced the most future coaches? There have been a number of lists which have had several future coaches at any one time, but getting them all to make the 22 in a particular week against another...
  4. Roobs321

    The Last fully expected to beat Geelong

    Of course, every match starts from zero and is there to be won. Even the longest odds have a chance. However, 'upsets' and 'percentage boosters' are a thing, and there are usually a few lowly sides which a form side would typically expect to get the better of. This thread is meant as a...
  5. Roobs321

    Living celebrities with ancient close relatives

    For instance, the still-living Former Labor leader Bill Hayden (b. 1933) had a father who was already 52, and must have been born in 1880-81. Ex British PM Sir John Major (b. 1943) had a father born in 1879! Olivia de Havilland (b. 1916) had a grandfather born in 1823! Her youngest was born in...
  6. Roobs321

    George Michael 50-1

    I'll never grieve over a celebrity as I did with George. In my early teen years I struck a formative connection with his music and he remained the most constant fixture of high rotation with me ever since. His death was so soul-crushingly tender and private that I couldn't bear to hear anything...
  7. Roobs321

    The Canberran double

    As someone who grew up as a Raiders fan since the late 90s and has never seen them in a home prelim, and as an inaugural Giants member, there is a decent chance that we might get a Raiders/Giants double this year. Hopefully the next 30 hours doesn't snuff this out cruelly, but starved Canberrans...
  8. Roobs321

    FTA-TV Earth 2

    21 episodes then cancelled in 1994-95. Was on television here in 1995. Probably the first adult/family show I remember watching. At the time as a young child I was disturbed by Gaal getting pulled underground by Terrians, and Danziger trapped in that claustrophobic, cobwebby tunnel...
  9. Roobs321

    Best TV series of the 2010s

    Your favourite TV series of the decade. Any drama or comedy that completed airing S1 between January 2010 & December 2019 (so things like Community, Glee, Modern Family, The Good Wife, Archer, etc. are as old as it gets, but Parks & Rec, Castle, United States of Tara, etc. is too early). No...
  10. Roobs321

    Best Australian singles of the decade

    Best from the 2010s, regardless of whether they charted or not. Might be calling it a bit early, but enjoy! 15. Chameleon - Pnau 14. Fishing for Fishies - King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard 13. Subways - The Avalanches 12. Stay With Me - Hatchie 11. Freefallin' - Zoe Badwi
  11. Roobs321

    Best of 2018

    The seasonal release roster ahead looks typically quiet (unless the likes of an Ariana Grande or Grimes suddenly drops an album), so time to share in your yearly lists, hopefully some good recommendations. 2018 was incredible for me. Going in, I merely hoped we would finally get new albums from...
  12. Roobs321

    You heard it here first. Special K is the 2001 Rising Star pt 2

    Just some memories of footy that take us back to that historical time. The sacking of Ken Judge, Week 1 finals and Koschitzke Rising Star win were all news items of the preceding week. This thread had no replies after this date and had some neat and not-so-neat predictions, worthy of an archival...
  13. Roobs321

    Grand clubs of the 2010s (edited - Congrats Geelong!)

    The Hawks, Swans and Cats have put together some fearsome records this decade, and are still tightly locked in terms of win-loss. Before today's Rnd 13 game, Hawthorn has amassed: 144-2-60, including a threepeat. After Rnd 13 2018, Sydney has amassed: 141-2-67 Haven't lost more than 10 games...
  14. Roobs321

    Interstate Awards Dominance

    Brownlow - Tick Coleman - Tick Rising Star - Tick Mark of the Year - Tick Goal of the Year - Tick AFLCA - Tick MVP - Tick Norm Smith - Sydney(?) Flag - Sydney(?) Even the Jim Stynes Award. I guess Selwood got AA Captain, but that's about as good as it gets. I'm lovin it.
  15. Roobs321

    Club Meetings in Consecutive Finals Series

    If Hawthorn manages to win today, that will mean that Sydney & Hawthorn have met in 4 consecutive finals series. Based on skimming past years, it seems that the last time this happened was 1977-1980 (North Melbourne/Collingwood). I only did brief research, I might have overlooked a more recent...
  16. Roobs321

    Best percentage to miss the 8

    Going into today, West Coast and Adelaide are contending to be among the best percentages to miss finals in the Top 8 era. West Coast = 114.7% (10th, 10-11) Adelaide = 110.2% (11th, 10-11) Since 1994, the best percentages to miss the 8 (110%+); 1. 123.33% - St Kilda 2012 (9th, 12-10) 2...
  17. Roobs321

    The Spangher Factor

    A journeyman spud of the highest order, but Spangher seems to bring clubs luck (as long as he isn't playing). Four leaf clover to keep on the list? 2006-10 = West Coast win flag in 2006 2011-12 = Sydney win flag in 2012 2013 - = Hawthorn win flag in 2013? I am sure there are other players...
  18. Roobs321

    Multiplat Edugames

    I just had a huge nostalgic memory of this 90's educational PC game 'JumpStart 3rd Grade'. Seriously, best educational game of all-time.
  19. Roobs321


    While he wasnt always a perfect PM, and not always the pragmatist that Howard was, I always saw him as a visionary that I wholeheartedly agreed with. Watching Big Ideas on ABC1 today, I realised Keating held the same view for the future as me. I also think Indonesia (and SEA) in general, is of...
  20. Roobs321

    FTA-TV Hit & Miss

    Apparently it has been cancelled after the one season, which is a crying shame. Chloe Sevigny is perfect and deserves the TV Bafta, whilst the rest of the cast are exceptional, including Wight as Mia's boss, cute Ben, and the young actor that plays Ryan, someone I suspect we'll hear more of in...