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  1. Cookie

    Unsolved Jaidyn Leski Murder - 25 years ago today

    After 25 years, the murder of little Jaidyn is still unsolved. It is the most baffling and weirdest story in the history of crime in this country. I hope Victoria Police are putting some effort into this cold case because someone has to be accountable.
  2. Cookie

    Cost of Living

    Our new Labor government has formally submitted to the FWC a minimum pay rise of at least 5.1%. Labor claims that this will signal an end to the orchestrated plan to suppress wages by the previous Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison governments. I suspect this has also sent a subliminal message to all...
  3. Cookie

    Peter Dutton - How Long?

    Won't be LOTO at the next election.
  4. Cookie

    FTA-TV Bosch: Legacy

    Starts this week in the US. Looking forward to this one. 4 eps on day 1 2 eps on 13 May 2 eps on 20 May, and final 2 eps on 27 May.
  5. Cookie

    Streaming We Own This City

    Strap yourselves in. Starts on HBO (US) 25 April.
  6. Cookie

    Caleb Daniel's favourite toy

  7. Cookie

    Radio Broadcasts

    Are radio broadcasts of games available for later listening? Any ideas on where these are located for download?
  8. Cookie

    Vale Jean-Paul Belmondo and Michael K Williams

    RIP to the coolest man ever to grace the screen, J-P Belmondo. RIP to Michael K Williams of Oman Little and Chalky White fame.
  9. Cookie

    1 July 1978

    Exactly 43 years ago, the great Kelvin Templeton had a day out. Apart from the 2016 GF, it would rate as the best day at the footy I've ever had.
  10. Cookie

    Dunkley and the other players

    Just now wondering how the other players are going to treat Dunkley given that he wanted to walk out on them.
  11. Cookie

    Roy Masters is cherry picking again

    Roy Masters reports in the AGE/SMH that the NRL finished 2019 ahead of AFL on FTA and Fox, even before the end-of-season Test matches. According to sportsindustry, an Adelaide-based app that tracks sports viewership, rugby league had 116.23 million viewers on Nine and Fox at an average of...
  12. Cookie

    Travel Home swap

    Anyone done this in the US? How does it work? Any recommendations? What are the traps etc?
  13. Cookie

    Enjoy missing the rest of the finals Greene, you scumbag

    Straight to the tribunal on a Serious Misconduct charge.
  14. Cookie

    Seahawks tickets

    Will be in Seattle at the time of the Seahawks - Saints game. What's the best way to get tickets? Prefer them by email rather than mobile app. Ta.
  15. Cookie

    Strata/Body Corporate Search Agent

    Need a Search Agent for inner Melbourne strata purchase. Please PM me with recommendations. Thanks.
  16. Cookie

    Society/Culture Festivus for the rest of us

    Happy Festivus
  17. Cookie

    The Bulldogs and the NCAA

    The Dogs are well represented in the upcoming Bowl season Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada #21 Fresno State Bulldogs Vs Arizona State Sunday December 16, Outback Bowl Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida #18 Mississippi State Bulldogs Vs Iowa Wednesday...
  18. Cookie

    I hope Bruce contains himself

    With Cyril's retirement and us playing the Hawks this week, I hope Bruce doesn't turn the call into a sprogfest.
  19. Cookie

    FTA-TV Gomorrah

    This show has been mentioned in a couple of other threads but it deserves one of its own. The story of organised crime in Naples. Into the second series and I can't keep up with the body count. Brutal stuff! Don't get caught in the crossfire.
  20. Cookie

    FTA-TV Critics

    I use metacritic. Two critics there that I rely on are Tim Goodman and Maureen Ryan. They are usually bang on the money with their assessments according to my likes and tastes. If they slam something, I don't bother watching the show and they rarely differ. Ed Sepinwall is also one to follow...