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  1. 1989

    The downfall of Fox Footy.

    Seriously, Garry Lyon, adding the words “footy club” every time you mention a team name adds absolutely nothing. So sick of hearing this about 5000 times every weekend.
  2. 1989

    Ch 7 Commentary - is it intervention time?

    I like him, but James Brayshaw’s television commentary has become so repetitive. How many times in a quarter can you say “good ball”?
  3. 1989

    Round 2022 SC Round 15; if you never post but got a good score for the first time in 20 years let us know

    Learn how to kick a football Petracca you muppet.
  4. 1989

    FTA-TV AFL 360 - 2022 season

    They seem to think we'll be excited when they preview all the players that'll be coming on for the 800th time.
  5. 1989

    News 2022 Injuries, Suspensions, Protocols

    Already traded the peanut.
  6. 1989

    Best on ground

    I agree, but I'm sure it's down mostly to the timeslot and the fact that TVs are left of Fox Footy straight after the last Sunday game. I find Bounce so depressing - for me it signals the weekend's footy is over, the weekend is over, and it's absolute rubbish and weird. It just feels so out of...
  7. 1989

    Captains Round 13 VC / Captain

    Taking Neale, with the main reason being that I have my league opponent covered with a 123. Pretty borderline. Oliver averaging 126, Gawn 120. I'm generally pretty conservative if the VC's hit 120.
  8. 1989

    Best on ground

    I think that's fair enough, but they shouldn't be crossing straight to a show like this at the expense of a proper review of the Sunday match(es) just completed. Totally the wrong spot for it.
  9. 1989

    Best on ground

    I don’t think there’s an issue with the people they have on it, it’s more that a comedy / music / etc program is so out of place and inappropriate for the time slot, coming straight off multiple Saturday games, and people who are watching Fox Footy at 10.30pm are interested in…….football. Before...
  10. 1989

    Best on ground

    This rubbish in this timeslot on a dedicated football channel is an insult to fans and subscribers. Same applies to Bounce.
  11. 1989

    Round 2022 SC Round 12 - **** the Byes

    Was prepared to ride the highs and lows with Petracca, but he's been bloody ordinary. Fumbles and butchers everything.
  12. 1989

    Captains Round 12 VC / Captain

    Staying away from boring Macrae this week. Debutant Stewart gets the VC. Probably Sicily if needed. Weird year.
  13. 1989

    Discussion 2022 General Discussion / Help

    Hanging out for this weekend’s footy, even if it is the start of the boring bye rounds. It’s also beyond me why the AFL continue to cannibalise games by cramming entire rounds into 48 hours. Thursday to Sunday each week would be such a better balance.
  14. 1989

    Position 2022 Rookies

    Whatever happened to players who looked like Wayne Weidemann and Mark Zanotti?
  15. 1989

    Captains Round 12 VC / Captain

    I think it’s too tempting to try to get it done with Stewart on the Friday night, especially since my captains have been averaging about 100 lately.
  16. 1989

    Position 2022 Rookies

    “Pies superstar out for the year”. Click into the article and it’s Jenny who plays back pocket for the women’s team.
  17. 1989

    News 2022 Injuries, Suspensions, Protocols

    His coach should be Damien Drum.
  18. 1989

    Vent 2022 Vents / regrets

    Amazing how often your VC stops scoring when you shift the C. …unique cash league midfield engine room of Cripps, Miller, Macrae and Gawn in ruck an absolute disaster this week.
  19. 1989

    Position 2022 Midfielders

    Is Bailey Smith at 532K worthy of a midfield spot? Averaging 33 possesions and 111 points per game.
  20. 1989

    News 2022 Injuries, Suspensions, Protocols

    Whitfield about to make his most significant contribution to my team for the year - a VC loop.