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    Craig Moore Diagnosed With Cancer

    Was a news alert on Fox Sports news just then, although the news is not on their website just yet. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and i'm sure we all wish him all the best:thumbsu:.
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    Northern Bullants On Radio

    Great news that today's Northern Bullants Vs Casey Scorpions can be heard on the web. P.S: Just click on "listen Live" in top right hand corner.
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    Bresciano to Palermo?

    Gazzeta Dello Sport is reporting that the Palermo president is claiming that a deal for Marco Bresciano will be finalised in the not to distant future for a fee of around 7million Euros. Anybody now how reliable this paper is?
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    Socceroos new top for worldcup

    Just saw on Sky News that Nike have come up with a new style top for the socceroos for the upcoming worldcup. It is still a gold top and green shorts but is slightly different in appearence and appears to be skin tight like the Italian teams top.
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    Murphy Profile
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    Peace truce

    c'mon now blues and saints fans you've had your fun so can you just stop the constant bashing of each other because i am sure most people are sick of it and don't care.
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    Was said on 927 that Carey may come to Carlton as a part time skills coach. Would you like to see him there?
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    Looks like Davies will be getting 7 and Blackwell will take over 13.
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    Troy Broadbridge Missing

    Is currently unaccounted for in Thailand. Let's pray that he and others are safe.
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    Kirkby won't be at Richmond

    Paul Connors his manager said on SEN this morning Richmond will have just one rookie and it won't be Kirkby. It will be a VM boy and apparently they tossed a coin to decide.
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    Aisake O'hailpin

    Denis announced last night he will be an international rookie, joining setanta
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    Pagan announced at a function he will be an international rookie next year.
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    WB V All Stars

    The Western Bulldogs will play the Aboriginal all stars in Darwin on Feb 5.
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    Simon Wiggens

    Do you people think he is in our best 22? I like his speed and attack on the ball but i just don't think he has taken a game by the scruff of the neck and dominated one.
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    Possible Trade, opinions wanted

    Now i havn't gotten any inside info or hot source i just thought maybe this deal involving Roos, Bombers and Tigers. Roos give B Harvey to Essendon Essendon give 1st round pick to Tigers as well as 3rd round Tigers give Ottens and pick 20 to roos. Roos give pick 10 ti richmond...
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    Luke Livingston

    Livingston hasn't really set the world on fire while at Carlton. Looks like it's time for him to go and try his luck elseware. Livo may make it as a leading forward at AFL level because he is suprisingly quick but kicking for goal lets him down. What do you people think that Carlton could get...