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  1. CursingFijian


    We're only 2 rounds into Season 33 and the league is already awash with superlatives for the better performed players. Brilliant. Magnificent. Delicious. We have all heard them before. A wise qootballer once proclaimed "If history repeats itself, we can expect the same thing again." And I...
  2. CursingFijian


    Throughout the last fortnight we witnessed the chaotic scramble of clubs and captains to ready their teams for what promised to be a tough start to Season 33. A flurry of PM’s was sent out to anybody who was silly enough to engage with club telemarketers. Tactical squads were despatched to the...
  3. CursingFijian


    As match threads are scheduled to drop today I thought it might be worthwhile tossing around that old SFA chestnut about how quality posting and quantity of posting are contradictory in nature and therefore both cannot be true at once. Does it stand to reason that if you are considered a...
  4. CursingFijian


    Hello again, Sainters! There has been a fair bit of playful jousting recently between a few Saints posters, myself included, that sometimes causes runctions amongst some of our more earnest posters on the St Kilda board. With that in mind, I thought it might be a great time to carve out a...
  5. CursingFijian


    Seasons greetings, Sainters! It's that time of the year again, when we're all basking in that post-draft, pre-christmas positivity. We're feeling good and we're looking great. Houses are being trained to the ground and we're unsure whether or not we should keep the F word out of our 2022...
  6. CursingFijian

    Media A Crooked Tale of a Cursed Soul

    I have something that I need to get off my chest. I need to speak the truth. A truth. A truth about myself that I am absolutely certain, once I have cast it into the land of Sweet, will give rise to a multitude of emotions ranging from disbelief to anger and with a fair bit of distress...
  7. CursingFijian


    Jonzi PetWussy Phoenix_9 Left_Billings majortinkle simonoz St Kilda Death Orasia Fantazio TheSmokies Hey Guys, The draft is just around the corner so it's time to trim our lists to make way for incoming talent. If anyone thinks they can't go around another year let us know as soon as possible...
  8. CursingFijian

    Prediction 2020 LADDER PREDICTOR

    Roll up, roll up, Ladies and Squabblers. With 19 weeks until the start of the 2020 AFL season, it is time to get our 'group' on and collectively predict how next season is going to unfold. You can be clinical, you can be one-eyed, you can use last season as a predictor, or you can try to gauge...
  9. CursingFijian


    It occurred to me that if the Saints are going to improve this year then our first 8 games are critical to setting us up for a shot at some September action. So I had a cursory look at the AFL Ladder predictor, and lo and behold, I have us winning our first four games and sitting pretty at the...
  10. CursingFijian

    Discussion Simon Lethlean vs Ameet Bains

    Simon Lethlean has been pushed into the spotlight in the second half of the season and his exposure to St Kilda fans has ramped up another notch now that we are into post season. Lethlean joined the Saints after a self described "distressing and remorseful time". As soon as his appointment to...
  11. CursingFijian

    Toast Happy Australia Day

    Happy Australia day all you beautiful people. I hope you find some time to reflect on how lucky you are to be an Aussie...I know I will be thanking the universe for bringing me to the golden soil, girt by sea! I thought I'd also leave this little gem here just to remind us of what brings us...
  12. CursingFijian

    Analysis Who? What? Where?

    I thought it would be interesting to create a thread in which we can detail the specific skills and/or attributes in individual players that you would like to see improved. The things that you believe will improve the team significantly. Or perhaps transform a fringe player into a best 22...
  13. CursingFijian

    Prediction Ok, Trout. It's time to land a Big Fish.

    The Saints have been left standing at the trade alter, still clutching on to a bouquet of draft picks, and the spotlight is now firmly on Trout and his team. I thought STKFC might like a thread that summarizes our collective thoughts because, as we all know, the club often taps into our...
  14. CursingFijian

    List Mgmt. What to do with picks 7 & 8

    Pretend you are Matty Finnis for a moment. You've called a meeting of your recruitment department and you are just about to organise your crew to work furiously toward a singular goal. What do you want to see happen in 2017 trade, free agency and draft period. This exercise is not about...
  15. CursingFijian

    Competitions SBBFL - 2017 ROUND 9

    Puzzles FC vs Skid Row Targets = Match of the Round. Good luck gents.
  16. CursingFijian

    PLAN B

    The last week has been peppered with posts that suggest we failed to implement the ever elusive Plan B against Melbourne. And it got me wondering what does Plan B even look like? Do we need two Plan B's? One if we're winning but just lost momentum and another if we're getting pasted on the...
  17. CursingFijian


    Ok guys, Ultimate Footy is up and running. Time to find out whether it will be a help or hindrence. I think it would be easier to keep all discussions regarding the UF setup in one place for ease of reference. So if you want to propose rule or score changes or have the league manager change...
  18. CursingFijian

    Competitions 2017 Fantasy Football Discussion Thread

    Fantasy football has kicked away once again. Thought I'd create a 2017 thread for all the chatter.
  19. CursingFijian

    Competitions SBFFL - Round 9 Teams, Scores and Discussion

    Hey Guys, I won't be able to post a team tomorrow due to work commitments, and a thread hadn't yet been created so I thought I might kick one off. Armoooo can advise the matches at a later stage. Good luck all.