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  1. The acurate one

    Strategy Health and fitness

    Howdy all, As we all know we're currently knees deep in a shitshow that seems to not have a finish date. Fitness it would seem is even more imperative than before. So here is a thread where you can share ideas, chat about your gains, goals or losses. Seek advice and share success or failures...
  2. The acurate one

    News Ring a Ding Ding keep Dec 2nd free

    OMG!! this will be one hell of an event. Boy oh boy wowee. This is where the shinboner spirit will shine through. Some old scores to be settled. I cannot stop smiling and there will be some serious floor wiping going on. lol. The acurate one yet again delivers.
  3. The acurate one

    How well are we travelling?

    Just sayin:D