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  1. Scotland

    The NBA should be 32 teams

    30 teams, 16 make the playoffs. Silly. Even sillier when it was 16 from 23. Compare that to the NFL that has 32 teams and 12 make the playoffs. NHL are 31 and 16, MLB 30 and 12 from however their NL/AL system works. So who makes it 31 and 32? I vote to bring back the Sonics. And I'd like to see...
  2. Scotland

    Recommitted Isaac Smith [UFA in 2020]

    So the Dogs apparently want him at age 31. Good player, but why?
  3. Scotland

    AFL 2018 Rd 8: North Melbourne vs Richmond

    Anyone watching this?
  4. Scotland

    World Series Rugby

    We're back, bitches. 13,000 tickets already sold. Sellout crowd of 15,000+ expected. More than the Waratahs vs Brumbies, and obviously more than the Rebels vs, well, anyone. Not bad for a hastily cobbled together competition with players that are effectively a rung below Super Rugby. Not sure...
  5. Scotland

    What does our next test XI look like?

    All things going to plan our XI for the 4 tests in RSA was this: Warner Bancroft Khawaja Smith S Marsh M Marsh Paine Cummins Starc Lyon Hazlewood Of course all things didn't go to plan and we ended up with this: Burns Renshaw Khawaja Handscomb S Marsh M Marsh Paine Cummins Lyon Hazlewood...
  6. Scotland

    Port Adelaide 2017 draft/trade period - making it look easy

    IN: Rockliff (FA), Motlop (FA), Watts (traded for pick 31) OUT: Trengove (FA), Impey (traded for pick 34) Ah Chee was also traded out for a late pick swap, and Krakouer and Monfries retired. Small potatoes but would've freed up a few hundred k on top of replacing them with 3 draftees. Current...
  7. Scotland

    How seriously do clubs play games in list management?

    Cases in point: - Dustin Martin - Josh Kelly Depending who you talk to, Dusty was either never going to leave Richmond or was seriously considering joining North or whoever. Depending who you talk to, Kelly is either going nowhere or is a signed, sealed Saint or Roo or whoever. If you go...
  8. Scotland

    Will Australia ever have a meaningful third major party?

    2016 election breakdown: 35% ALP 42% Lib/Nat/LNP/CLP 10% Greens 13% everyone else The Greens, One Nation, Nationals if you want to call them a separate party, Family First etc. aren't viable governing parties, and with our preferential voting system it all filters back to a choice between 2...
  9. Scotland

    How do you get the 30% off team store discount to work?

    Trying to buy something online. Big banner says '30% off storewide etc etc'. Is there a code or something I'm missing?
  10. Scotland

    Adam Simpson and his inability to give youth a go

    Valid? We're sitting 9-7 but haven't exactly set the world on fire this season. 3,118 games of experience this week. Average age 27y 34d. Obviously skewed by Petrie and Mitchell who were new additions this year and will probably be gone next year, but Naitanui in is nearly a 150 gamer so we'd...
  11. Scotland

    Toast Drew Petrie Appreciation Thread

    Not many players at 34 with 300 games under their belt would move to the other side of the country to be rookie listed as a 3rd or 4th choice forward/ruckman. 4 goals last week with Kennedy out, and supported Vardy in the ruck. Another useful game today with 8 marks and supporting Vardy in the...
  12. Scotland

    What is the point of the bye weeks?

    I thought it was players needed rest, but hearing from Sam Mitchell after the Eagles/Cats game that the Eagles trained hard to the point of thinking they'd overdone it because of previously taking it too easy during bye rounds. If clubs are better off without the bye, why have the bye?
  13. Scotland

    Who will be the last winless side of 2017?

    Hawthorn, North and Sydney propping up the table at 0-3. Hawthorn have Geelong on Easter Monday. North have the Bulldogs on Good Friday. Sydney have West Coast at Subi on Thursday. It doesn't get a whole lot easier in Rd 5. Hawthorn have West Coast at home. North have Freo at Subi. Sydney...
  14. Scotland

    West Coast's plodder midfield - will it work?

    We're a decent team. Grand Finalists in 2015, finalists last year. A lot of people have us in their top 8 in the pre-season ladder predictors. We've got a potent forward line and a good defence, but the midfield has been our weakest area for a decade. As we know Naitanui is probably out for the...
  15. Scotland

    Entertainment & Music Which year had the best Hottest 100?

    I'll give you the tip, it's not 2016. I vote 1996. 1995, 1998 and 1999 also crackers. I turned 18 in 2002 and went to the most festivals from about 18-21. Currently listening to 2001 which is OK but not at the same level as the mid 90s.
  16. Scotland

    Jarrod Garlett

    What's the go with this guy now? Excellent work from the sub-editor to reference Jarrod Pickett...
  17. Scotland

    2017 AFL National Draft

    Anyone want to have a stab at which clubs still have picks in which rounds? I'm lost.
  18. Scotland

    Jarrod Harbrow

    Set to become the first player to play 100 games for Gold Coast this weekend, having played 99 of Gold Coast's first 116 games in the AFL. It doesn't feel like the Suns have been around that long. Is this a noteworthy achievement or 'Gold Coast board' material? Harbrow is an underrated player...
  19. Scotland

    Adelaide Crows musings

    Because everyone is just complaining about the umpires helping Hawthorn again... They're playing an exciting brand of footy. They should be 4-1 or 5-0 right now. Smith's dodgy kick gave the Hawks a chance to get back into the game and that was all they needed. Well almost all. Since Gold Coast...
  20. Scotland

    Over 30 All Stars

    Prompted by the Jarrad Waite thread. And the Brent Harvey thread. And the 985 Hawthorn circle jerk threads. Who makes it? How would they go against current AFL sides? A stab - looks like an AA side: B: Josh Gibson Dale Morris Heath Shaw HB: Robert Murphy Joel Patfull Luke Hodge C: Nick Dal...