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  1. Bojangles17

    So why aren't you going to the footy ?

    am curious why fans are staying away in LARGE numbers , a load of reasons and are weighted differently depending on who you talk to .. For mine scheduling is the deciding factor , battling MELB traffic , then finding a park in the boon docks for weekday NIGHT games , more often its * that for...
  2. Bojangles17

    got a spare res seat for anzac eve big game,,hit me up , diehard Y&B only

    oh and its my shout to the bloke i normally sit next to , he has 4 cans at a time ,,,lol only gagging , has 2 let me know , a mate got me a corp tkt ill still be there tkt available some time tomoz
  3. Bojangles17

    Bring back the Saturday Arvo blockbuster

    I got a novel idea for our fixtures v COLL,,,Saturday arvo 2:10pm, every time. Re kindle a tradition , you might be surprised how bloody popular it is. * the broadcasters , this ones for the fans
  4. Bojangles17

    FINALS chat

    Almost feels novel to not be involved this time around , like someone quipped elsewhere , we can sit back and relax for once and watch The melts before our eyes Melb the favs for mine , been on them for a while got the class every line on the ground , hoping they step up , think they will Ffs I...
  5. Bojangles17

    Where’s the ‘21 membership thread , post updates here

    I’ve seen nothing, feel free to post ya updates here
  6. Bojangles17

    Game Day 2020 Best & Fairest Monday 26th October - Congratulations Jayden Short!

    Well this escalated quickly . Hope there’s a live feed , prob on delay just in case any edits req , expect the boys will be well deservedly living it up , my tips 1. Bolton 2. Dusty 3. Vlas 4 baker 5 short
  7. Bojangles17

    AFLW draft

    Tipping we select Ellie McKenzie with no 1 , Richmond girls follow8ng any mention of her on insta . Watched her highlights , looks a star , will go very well with Conti in the midfield and Sabs is 500% fitter I’m expecting a big year from her , we will improve which shouldn’t be hard
  8. Bojangles17


    Great topic for main board ,,,in off season
  9. Bojangles17

    What do we think of a 28R season with potentially 20 @ the G

    Stupid Q really , after not being able to see a bloody game all year , what’s not too like. Clearly with afl looking to rebuild finances ASAP they see a longer season adding cashola in broadcast REV and match day takings which should improve next year as season deepens . Also may be the...
  10. Bojangles17

    MRP / Trib. Tigers appealing 2 staging charges

    I’m really pleased about this as they were as knee jerk misguided decisions you could possibly see Vlastuin especially so to be coathangered by an oppo 6”6 and not be expected to flinch while running at speed, FMD ,,,you flinch when riding your bike and a gum leaf whips your face If grimesy...
  11. Bojangles17

    It just doesn’t feel real

    These no show games have my mind in a whole other space. My normal match day routine parking in the back blocks of Richmond , the trek thru the station , a spit in the gutter and a catch up with the regs in M16 is but a memory In the absence I’m de senstitised to the losses , kinda like paying...
  12. Bojangles17

    Would you you attend games if allowed in August or September ?

    Although I’m thinking unlikely we will be allowed , was surprised to see a straw poll in paper suggesting majority would stay away. Try stopping me
  13. Bojangles17

    Would we have lost a game yet

    Call it a silly question , we would have played Carlton Coll Saints Crows So how do you think we would have gone Me thinks they throw everything at us but the kitchen sink , prob hit the front then the tigers pull away , I reckon the eagles away match would have been a toughy
  14. Bojangles17

    Who’s Richmond’s best kick

    Now this ain’t easy , prob a few dynamics here . Long , short , ball flight Houli has textbook technique, ball pieces through the air with great depth , accuracy solid Dusty , great technique, long , accuracy OK Shorty , ditto Jack super clever long and short If I had to put my life on a...
  15. Bojangles17

    Who’s Richmond’s quickest player on our list

    Gotta admit , I really admire players that have the Aggots to dash a fair length of the MCG ball in hand. We got a quite a few that can run and carry. Houli is a past master that oft runs the best part of centre square before unloading but who’s the bloody quickest , I got it down to 3 in...
  16. Bojangles17

    Best Five Tigers of ALL time

    And you thought 20 was hard , for mine all of these were real standouts and selected themselves, it’s the couple that are just on the periphery that’s tough. All of these players , were great contributors that changed the course of History of our great club 1. Jack dyer , the godfather of the...
  17. Bojangles17

    10 years of Dusty , post ya favourite moment

    So here we are privileged to have seen 10 years of dusty and long may it continue , so where do you start. For mine the 2017 final series was sublime , if I was pressed for just one. It would have to be the start of pre lim v GWS , the MCG was fully charged , cotch gets the free , goes long ...
  18. Bojangles17

    Sheds for VC , effective immediately

    Make it happen , let’s move on
  19. Bojangles17

    Family day Punt rd today , premiership returns to Tigerland

    1245 VFL players Presented 110 senior players Get Down there Make Richmond great again