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  1. King Corey

    Mod. Notice BigFooty Data Leak Notice

    Please go here for the official data breach notification and contact details for requests and questions:
  2. King Corey

    Past #1: Majak Daw [Part II] - 54 NM games/43 NM goals - delisted end '20 - SSP selection for MFC '21 - retired mid-'22

    mod edit - part II of Maj's adventures begins here as per bigfooty thread post limit rules. Part I can be found here: More importantly a flash drive has become self-aware. <It's Happening.gif>
  3. King Corey

    List Mgmt. North Melbourne should apply for a Priority Pick

    The club should seriously consider applying for a priority pick in 2017. The current list depth has been severely affected by staying consistently competitive thus never netting high end draft talent and has also been compromised by attempting to rebuild a list during the onboarding of the...
  4. King Corey

    List Mgmt. Bryce Lewis departs Arden Street
  5. King Corey

    List Mgmt. NMFC Captain 2017

    This has become a topic beyond the Andrew Swallow thread. Unless something dramatically changes it might be time for a change next season. Have listed most plausible candidates based on either experience, currently in leadership group or youngsters with some exposed leadership potential that...
  6. King Corey

    Compare these Players

    Need some help splitting some of these players. No rhyme or reason for picking these matchups but obviously most play similar roles. Use any criteria you choose. Daniel Wells vs Wayne Schwass Daniel Wells vs Byron Pickett Drew Petrie vs Corey McKernan Leigh Colbert vs Scott Thompson...
  7. King Corey

    Is the CEO situation a threat to list management?

    Right now senior and management level football staff are accountable to noone. You have an interim CEO who I can't imagine would want to ruffle too many feathers right now meaning Donald et al can do as they please with no real consequence. Thoughts?
  8. King Corey

    Toast Eugene Arocca Tribute Thread

    Thought it best to have a tribute thread for the great man’s time at Arden Street. There are a plethora of other threads for conspiracy theories, axe grinding and related topics. This is for recognising the excellent contribution Eugene Arocca has made to the North Melbourne Football Club...
  9. King Corey

    Final Side vs Richmond R24

    Backs: B.Rawlings 3 S.Thompson 16 S.McMahon 42 Half Backs: K.Harper 23 N.Grima 17 M.Firrito 11 Centreline: R.Bastinac 28 B.Cunnington 10 L.Thomas 12 Half Forwards: M.Campbell 33 H.McIntosh 1 A.Black 35 Forwards: B.Harvey 29 D.Petrie 20 A.Edwards 27 Followers: T.Goldstein 22 L.Adams 13...
  10. King Corey

    Shaun McKernan not coming to Arden Street
  11. King Corey

    Toast Tribue to North's Revolving Forward Door

    Share your thoughts in this walk down memory lane. Here's what a Friday of avoiding work/going to Centrelink will make you do. On reflecting over the last 15 years, it's clear apart from Drewie (who's been used in every position including missionary) we've struggled to find a homegrown...
  12. King Corey

    Tasmania wooing Cats I'm confused where Tasmania is going with this.
  13. King Corey


    Don't personally know Gabbie but seeing this fellow Roo's located at Magnetic Island I'm sure all roos bigfooty folk will have fingers, legs and eyes crossed that she emerges unscathed from the storm approaching.
  14. King Corey

    What could've been..

    This hurts.
  15. King Corey

    **** off abc

    ABC News headline "Kangaroos 54 pt win against injury-hit Dockers". Was it "Essendon sneak home against injury-ravaged Kangaroos" ? Get ****ed.
  16. King Corey

    Footy Classified

    We had a good run. Talked up Greenwood, Hansen and Cunnington. Highlighted the hypocrisy of the McGrath-Thomas shoelace incident and even Caro was respectful enough. Have to acknowledge when we get a fair go.
  17. King Corey

    Last Drinks

    North Members - remember this is your last chance to get some cut-price plonk, offer ends Sunday. 5 bottles of De Bortoli Sacred Hill for $20. I like those odds. Have suitably stocked up as part of my plan to become the next Les Patterson. Offer is at Ritchies IGA. Take the North letter...
  18. King Corey

    David King signs with the New England Patriots

    Look, I'm aware of the Gold Coast comments etc but he was a North champion and to be honest I was blown away by this news. At 38 this is a mad break for him.
  19. King Corey

    Betrayed Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.
  20. King Corey

    Melbourne Draft Discussion Thread

    Who are the best picks of all time? Is Scully already better than all the Abletts? Who's better out of Trengove, Hird and Shane Valenti? Please restrict your constant tanking, draft talk circle-jerking to this thread and leave other threads for proper football discussion. Thanks.