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  1. jwikked

    Discussion New theme song for 2018 It sounds like every clubs song is being sung by the same guy. Dunno about this. Thoughts? edit- Just listened again. I don't hate it. Wish it could sound like more than one soyboy is...
  2. jwikked

    Is there a good method of syncing radio and TV?

    I used to love watching the Footy back in the day, with the radio broadcast. I've tried a few times in the past, but the radio always seems to be in front of the TV now, especially moreso with Fox Footy. Any ideas?
  3. jwikked

    What stunt will Heritier (Harry O') pull to be talked about?

    Now that Harry 'holier than thou'brian has changed his name, he's sure to want to have everyone pay attention to him for all of next week. Given it's a split round he's in luck! All predictions welcome.
  4. jwikked

    Who's more efficient? Brisbane kicking goals, or Brown opening powerades?

    Johnathon Brown struggled for about a minute trying to get a powerade open to drink it's delicious insides.. And Brisbane have only managed a single goal in almost a half of footy. I'll answer this when they cut to browny again, I'd like to see if he has a blue stain down the front of his suit...
  5. jwikked

    Could Milne make 300 games?

    Milne sitting at 258 games, could make 300 games if he plays the next two years, plus finals. Assuming no injuries. Would be an amazing achievement for the guy, and I hope he can do it. By all the reports of the intra-club match he's as good as ever. I can see him playing maybe even 3 more...
  6. jwikked

    adelaide vs melbourne vs port vs adelaide

    I think that's how it works? Anyway, it's been great to watch so far.. From the moment, Port are all over Melbourne, they have the fresh legs.. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the game is played.
  7. jwikked

    Ex Players and what they're doing now.

    I was just thinking about a few ex players.. Is Trigger Trianides still in the AFL system, or did he drop out completely? He was one of my favourites when I was younger.. Also Whatever happened to Matty Capuano after his sacking? ?