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  1. John Who

    AFL2AFLW - what’s your conversion rate?

    In the spirit of Mother’s Day, this thread is to enquire fellow members the level of attention you’re giving to the ladies team in AFLW. Is it absolute zero (interest)? Has it surpassed the level of interest you give to the men’s team? Or somewhere in between?
  2. John Who

    Analysis A positive rebuilding trend 2022

    After 7 rounds, we’re currently 3 Wins, 4 Losses. From the surface, it appears we might be stagnating from last year where we were exactly the same ratio of W:L (with a similar score percentage). However, what is pleasing is that we are running out games a lot more stronger than we have in the...
  3. John Who

    Toast Tex 500 goals around the corner

    Tex is currently on 498 goals. With 9 goals in the last 2 games coming back from a lengthy stint on the sidelines, he’s currently averaging 4.5 goals per match. With a simple extrapolation, 500 goals is well within Tex’s grasp in round 6 against the Doggies. With a resurging Tex in 2021: Are...
  4. John Who

    Which team would win - Ruckmen, Mids, Defenders or Forwards?

    An interesting thought experiment for you guys to ponder.. Say the AFL has decided there can only be 4 teams. The teams are only made up of specific role-types, consisting of teams with only: - Ruckmen (players who have played ruck most of their career) - Midfielders (players who have been...
  5. John Who

    MRP / Trib. Rich hip vs Walker head/neck - another case to send straight to the Tribunal? [OMG - sHocking gone!]

    In case anyone's forgotten, we had DMac going hard at a 50/50 contest a few weeks ago, and unfortunately collided with the head of Clark (Saints) causing an accidental broken jaw. The case was sent to the Tribunal because DMac caused an injury, legally, but it looked bad. So fast forward 3...
  6. John Who

    The DMac/HClark case - what is the alternative action?

    There’s been a lot of controversy resulting from the collision between David Mackay and Hunter Clark in the recent round 13 game between the Crows and the Saints. Everybody has got their opinion, but on this thread, I would like to pose one simple question: For either Mackay and Clark, what...
  7. John Who

    Best AFL debuts; one-hit wonders or stars in the making?

    As per title, what were some of the best debuts from your club that you've witnessed? Was it all a fluke, or a sign of more good things to come after that debut? Riley Thilthorpe fits the criteria. He played in round 6 of this year for the Crows where he got: - 5.0 goals, 16 disposals and 5...
  8. John Who

    Certified Legendary Thread The Medical Sub blunder - What the hell?

    I think this topic deserves its own thread. I tried to follow the discussions on the other threads but I find it hard to follow with all the other discussions going on. The scenario: - Hamill appearing to have a knee injury of some sort during a contest. He was then carried off, unable to...
  9. John Who

    Interesting facts that may surprise you

    Just browsing through random YouTube videos, and I found something that actually surprised me: Majak Daw is pretty friggin' fast! Never knew he had the pace to beat Charlie Cameron! Wow! In the spirit of this thread, please post facts and not opinions. And preferably, the cooler, more...
  10. John Who

    Tex on track for 100?

    Tex's tally is now 11 goals after 2 rounds. A bit of an early extrapolation, but he's on track to kicking 100 goals this season! On a more serious note, I think the stars have aligned for him to have a great year, whether he achieves 100 goals or not. His kicking has been as good as any forward...
  11. John Who

    Supremely Stretchy Stengle Saga - what do we want on BF?

    It has been literally 3 months (from mid-December 2020) since Stengle has been officially stood down by the club, excluded from all club duties until a pending decision. 3 misdemeanours within 12 months has caused a significant division on both club and fans, on what should be the most...
  12. John Who

    Analysis 2021 midseason review

    With 4 rounds remaining and 1 GF to play out, we're literally half way through the season after 5 rounds! It has been quite pleasing to see the general improvements across the AFLW comp, and certainly pleasing to see us improve as a unit, compared with the mediocre team that was produced in...
  13. John Who

    Injury Injury Watch 2021

    With the preseason training ramping up, the Internal Trial match come and gone, it's now starting to get serious.. Who will be the likely AFL starters? Who will become our next crop of stars? The answer is likely those who won't be featuring too much on this particular thread...
  14. John Who

    Biggest AFL improvers

    This topic is about AFL players who have risen from the ranks of “average/mediocre” to “elite or thereabouts” throughout their AFL career. For the sake of a genuine discussion, let’s say an “AFL career” is a period of 5 or more years. Who, in your eyes, was plain average in their first few...
  15. John Who

    How should the AFC handle player * ups via public notices?

    * ups. There has been aplenty in these past few years. This thread pertains to individual * ups in relation to off-field behaviors, and how the club should be handling such...* ups. In light of a recent player alleged indiscretion, the club have sent out a public notice: "Adelaide is...
  16. John Who

    News Ian Callinan and a stroke

    Life for Ian Callinan has been somewhat of a surprise in 2020. One moment, he was living a typical life of a retiring professional footballer. The next moment, facing the scenario where death could be imminent. And not a scenario one would expect happening in the mid-30s. Thankfully, by all the...
  17. John Who

    What's the best marker for the best player of the season?

    With all the awards given each year in the AFL, what is the one award that truly reflects who is the "best of them all" in any given year? Another interesting point, is it possible to be the best player in a given year, without winning any awards whatsoever (for that year)?
  18. John Who

    Your club's best 3 consecutive AFL National draft picks

    With the pending 2020 National Draft just around the corner, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to sift through the previous National drafts and pose the questions: 1. What has been your club's best 3 consecutive picks in the National draft? (which year and what were the pick...
  19. John Who

    2020 - Best Finals Series Ever?

    In a year of such great unpredictability and turmoil, it has perhaps produced possibly the best Finals series we've ever had in the AFL era. After this first round of Finals, it's gonna be tough to pick who will come out triumphant by the end. The games thus far: Half time breakdown: Power vs...
  20. John Who

    Opinion New Kids On The Block 2020 - who's now your fave?

    With season 2020 nearly out of the way for the Crows (and good riddance!), it's time to start reflecting on the year and to proclaim your new love interest in a young player who has been introduced this season at AFL level. Who has surprised you the most? Who is likely to be our next elite player?