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    List Mgmt. List Management 2022

    Yeah, I reckon Himmelberg might be gettable with Thilthorpe and Fogarty preferred. Flexible enough to play a number of roles.
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    Autopsy 2022 Rd 15 Blues show top 4 credentials

    I finally lost faith last year after being genuinely excited by the list talent we'd acquired. Faith now reacquired.
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    Senior 42. Adam Saad - Having a massive season

    Can't think of a better small defender in the competition.
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    Rookie 40. Will Hayes

    The tackling rate makes that particularly impressive reading. Clearly plays 2-way football.
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    List Mgmt. 2022 Senior List - The Final TWO Spots

    And Silvagni.
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    So what's actually changed?

    I agree with a lot of the comments in this thread. About much better coaching and gameplan, as well as a stronger midfield, and natural improvement and the return of Charlie. It also feels like these changes and developments have brought wins. And the wins bring confidence, and so there's...
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    Preview 2022 Rd 10 Carlton v Sydney Friday May 20 7:50PM AEST @ Marvel Stadium

    Let's hope that's true in regards to Sydney. It'd be nice to get a bit of a 'free hit' like those clubs who were scheduled to play West Coast early in the season.
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    Universal Love Nick Austin - Head Of List Management

    It's true that's still a need. However, they're the hardest to find. Some clubs don't have 1 elite key forward. And we've got 2.
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    Training 2022 Training - pics, reports etc

    Especially when you're 2nd tall defender is very inexperienced and finding his way at senior level.
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    MVP Coaches Votes 2022

    Only 1 player in the top 7 on the ground says a bit about why we lost.
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    Universal Love Player 'X' I Was Wrrr, Wrrr......Not Right!

    I know it's very early in his career. But I wasn't very impressed with Durdin last year.
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    MVP Coaches Votes 2022

    He probably won't get marking tips from Kreuzer.
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    Opinion Charlie Curnow Leap

    I was pretty underwhelmed with what he showed when he returned last year. But I thought he looked impressive in the St Kilda practice match. I'm sure he's a slightly reduced athlete these days, but I'm backing him. Just needs a mini-bag and the confidence should return. Part of Harry's...
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    Autopsy 2022 Round 1 - Blues BEAT the Tigers. The drought is over!

    We needed him as the distributor into forward 50, instead of Cripps.
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    Autopsy 2022 Round 1 - Blues BEAT the Tigers. The drought is over!

    Big goal indeed. But I reckon Harry's goal around the corner from 50 against St Kilda 3 years ago was bigger.
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    Training 2022 Training - pics, reports etc

    That's good to hear. Thanks for picking that up.
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    Training 2022 Training - pics, reports etc

    Not speaking for JustaBattler. But I didn't notice him in any of the clips from the intraclub. Hasn't really been mentioned in any presason dispatches. I liked what we saw last year, but doesn't sound like he's obviously stepped up or stood out.
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    Training 2022 Training - pics, reports etc

    Exciting to hear we're actually training in a way that will help us compete.
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    Training 2022 Training - pics, reports etc

    Yeah, I think we forget how promising he was looking prior to 2021. But the clock is certainly ticking. I know it didn't work, but I can see why the MC moved him back out to the wing (to allow Walsh to play more inside). Because he actually played some pretty decent footy in that role at the...
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    Opinion The 'Carlton related stuff that doesn't need it's own thread' thread Part 2

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of Malthouse, I think he was kind of right when it came to the captaincy. Murphy wasn't really 'built' for the role. And Carrots would have been a superb captain if he hadn't just had triplets and his body hadn't begun to break down. But hard to see the wisdom in...