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  1. Cruyff14

    Your favourite games by console/era

    These will obviously vary in terms of timeframes and consoles, but interested to see what people have (and how good memory's are haha!) I'm 34, and my parents bought a master system in 91 or 92 I think before we got the Mega Drive in 94 I think. Master System Alex The Kidd (all I can really...
  2. Cruyff14

    Your club's report card 21/22

    With the curtains drawn on another season, I guess it's time to reflect on your club's season. Its highlights, lowlights, unforgettable moments, standouts and so on. Arsenal Highlight: The progress the club has made. After three games we were bottom of the table and morale around the club and...
  3. Cruyff14

    Man United and their issues

    Given the ongoing problems at United, I figure a thread on the main board could be useful. There's a lot wrong at United. Ownership, expectations, players. I think the ownership is the biggest issue and until that is fixed/they sell/change their mindset, United will continue to have these...
  4. Cruyff14

    Your best personality traits

    Well, what are they? I have a lot of energy and passion and can be very enthusiastic. I display gratitude very well. Very diplomatic and rational. Also pretty selfless.
  5. Cruyff14

    FTA-TV Trigger Point

    Anybody else watching this on Stan? Has Kate from Line of Duty in it. British cop show that follows a bomb squad around trying to catch terrorists planting bombs around London. Bloody brilliant so far.
  6. Cruyff14

    Things you do to intentionally irritate to your partner

    My wife hates the sound of me dragging my feet on the carpet, I do it sometimes to get a reaction. She also hates it when I run my hand over the bedding or couch etc.
  7. Cruyff14

    Billy Joel

    Many Billy Joel fans here? He is hands down one of my favourite artists and his body of work is brilliant. Hard to pick a favourite track but it'd be between Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, A Matter of Trust, Miami 2017, Say Goodbye To Hollywood, Summer Highland Falls or Vienna. So, so, good.
  8. Cruyff14

    FTA-TV True Story

    New drama series on Netflix with Kevin Hart. Only watched one ep, but holy s**t it's good.
  9. Cruyff14

    PC Football Manager 2022

    Anybody else got the BETA? Game is improved from 21, I am enjoying it. Arsenal as always. Tried to sell Xhaka but nobody was interested and the board blocked Mari going for 10m, they wanted at least 12m. League form has been so/so. First game against United, drew 1-1 after a last...
  10. Cruyff14

    Sam Fender

    Anybody else heard of him/like him? His new album - Seventeen Going Under - came out on Friday and it's absolutely brilliant IMO. And an album with 16 tracks is almost unheard of these days, brilliant listening. Has cited Springsteen as an influence (definitely can tell in some tracks), he is...
  11. Cruyff14

    Multiplat Things you do that no else does - the video game edition

    What are some things you do in games that others may not? Sometimes when I am playing FIFA or FM, I won't sub until after the 60th minute so just like IRL people who have players in a Fantasy Premier League team get more points. In FIFA 2001 (PS One days), I would ensure all my midfielders and...
  12. Cruyff14

    Multiplat GTA Trilogy remaster

    If this is true, woweeeee
  13. Cruyff14

    Dr Death

    Anybody else watching this on Stan? Superb cast and excellently written. Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater. Wife and I are loving it.
  14. Cruyff14

    The off topic thread 5.0

    Lockdown for Melb coming from midnight tonight.
  15. Cruyff14

    Multiplat FIFA 22

    Mbappe is the cover star again. Here is the launch trailer. Who knows what we'll get but I can dream we might get a half decent game.
  16. Cruyff14


    I am a huge, huge fan of covers. Thought this thread could be for people sharing covers they like. Probably quite well known, but I'll start with this
  17. Cruyff14

    Society & Culture Supermarket/shopping centre stories

    I was at Aldi the other day paying for our shopping, and there was a middle aged Arabic woman with her mother behind us who only had a few items. Anyway, one second she was behind me, then I went to pay with my card and she was already standing on the other side of me waiting to collect her...
  18. Cruyff14

    Young Talent

    Plenty of great young, up and coming footballers around at the moment, thought we could discuss them here. I have avoided naming players older than 21. So the likes of Mbappe, Ødegaard, TAA etc would not be included in the discussion. The crop of young English talent looks fantastic Saka...
  19. Cruyff14

    Underrated TV shows

    Becker. Was watching it again the other day and forgot how good it was. Such a grumpy campaigner (and the perfect definition of one!) and he plays it perfectly. Rest of the cast are great too. What are yours?
  20. Cruyff14

    How has COVID changed you?

    I used to be able to get out of bed no problem as soon as my alarm went off. It is now definitely a struggle. What are differences you've noticed in yourself?