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  1. HaroLad


    ANNOUNCEMENT: I am founding a new SWEET FA BOOMER CLUB™ Eligibility requirements: Must have been the captain of a Sweet FA club during the time it won back-to-back premierships Posters in the entire history of the league that met this requirement: HaroLad ANNOUNCEMENT The first order of...
  2. HaroLad

    Media ClarkeMedia Presents: Your Oats, Brother

    The people of Sweet walked with their heads down and their eyes closed. Everything was grey – everything null. So it had been since his departure. All forms and pressures had culminated until finally they had erupted, and he had left. It was now that their reality was such that they could not...
  3. HaroLad

    Strategy The Ratugolea Conundrum

    Barrett has just published an interesting article on This adds to comments made by Terry Wallace, and observations by several people on this board, that we might be better off without him...
  4. HaroLad

    Media Fold the Geelong Gumbies

    I'm hear to literally plead for your support. I'm of course referring to your support in a matter of dire need for attention; the Geelong Gumbies. After new captain Noobz0r lasted just one season at the club before jumping ship (and who can blame him?), the list of any club has never been in...
  5. HaroLad


    When you're accused of something you didn't do, it can be very frustrating. At the time of receiving a message containing Star Wars spoilers, I had just read through a thread which was blatantly defaming me, and many posters were taking what was said as fact. After an unnamed poster said...
  6. HaroLad

    Media Important Announcement

    I'm retiring. The way I've been treated by moderators and posters of the board alike has been absolutely disgusting, and it's incredible how far some members of the Boys Club went to try and get me banned. I bet this is music to the ear to the cucks of league, and that's why I'll never retire...
  7. HaroLad

    Podcast S24 GRAND FINAL PODCAST - With BRAB & TheCoach16 + Special Guest

    It starts off very weird, but after a while BRAB and TheCoach16 make some shocking admissions about their interactions. Definitely a podcast everyone should listen to. Thanks to the surprise guest who replaced my co-host. EDIT 3/2/22: THIS PODCAST HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN
  8. HaroLad

    Media 958 Days in the Making

    958 days ago I was delisted from the West Coast Wonders. And now, 958 days later, I am about to guide the best posting club in the league to back-to-back premierships as captain. As much I'd hate for this to be about me, this thread writes itself. Haydo doesn't recruit posters from other...
  9. HaroLad

    Media The Knee

    Ghandi. US Civil Rights Movement. Tiananmen Square. What do these significant moments in history share in common? Protest. The fact that we are being heavily scrutinised and now facing sanction is a great injustice, and defies what this league is about. We are making a statement, and...
  10. HaroLad

    Media The Sweet FA Boys Club Trials

    Some cück BC mod calling upon their supernatural mod powers to get them out of trouble during trial Ladies and Gentlemen, Our league is at a crossroads. Believe me when I say this is a time of the upmost importance, a time in which we must make a choice which we must live with for the rest of...
  11. HaroLad

    Podcast Sweet FA Podcast S24 Episode 00 - with miggs and Noobz0r

    This is episode '00', the next episode will be much better structured and organised and hopefully I can sort out those pauses. Within the next few days I'll look to get the iTunes running again, make a logo and hopefully establish segments or something along those lines, I might even have a...
  12. HaroLad

    Auto-Renewing Memberships

    As membership 'season' approaches, I was wondering if anybody had any experiences with club memberships being renewed without your knowledge. Often clubs will renew memberships for the next year without asking, charging your credit card.
  13. HaroLad

    Media The Cure for Stale

    The West Coast Wonders. Dix you take offence at those words? Did they incite a sense of indignation? No? Well, they used to. People have become indifferent towards the West Coast Wonders, neutral if you like, and that is rather unfortunate when you think about it. Baghdad Bombers. Did you...
  14. HaroLad

    Best Games of the 2017 Season

    Don't think this has been posted yet, so I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the best games of the season just gone by.
  15. HaroLad

    Change in the 'Professionalisation' of the Game

    At the moment I'm doing a project around AFL Player Contracts, and obviously towards the late 80's/early 90's the league underwent a great period of change. Players went from amateurs to full professionals, and the internet is rather lacking when it comes to providing resources for this topic...
  16. HaroLad

    Solved Search is down.

    trying to search and it returns with the error page
  17. HaroLad

    I Was Wrong

    In the past month, particularly on the main board I made it quite clear I didn’t give Richmond a chance in the finals series. At times it was blatant trolling, but I never thought it would backfire and now it has. After seeing Richo and many fans burst into tears I realised what this game is...
  18. HaroLad

    Podcast S24 Official Podcast - Expression of Interest, Requests and Discussion Thread

    No, this is not a prank. Consider it the formal announcement that following the passing of beloved league stalwart Milkman95, I will be hosting the Offical Sweet FA League Podcast™ and have been given permission by the right people. Unlike my predecessor, I will aim to bring on a wide variety...
  19. HaroLad

    Media PhenomenalV1 a 'Required Player' at the Bombers

    PhenomenalV1 at a photoshoot earlier this season Baghdad Bombers captain HaroLad has refused to buy into talk Phenomenal might be traded before the end of the trade period. Whilst Phenomenal has committed to the club for the full season, it is understood that he has made known his intention to...
  20. HaroLad

    Scott: 'Grow some balls' Looks like the leadership group had a pretty serious meeting following our effort against Richmond. And it worked.