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  1. Infamy

    Cats should change their name to the Dogs

    Sorry but the umpires looked like they were trying to gift the Pies a grand final berth for most of that match
  2. Infamy

    Geelong and Richmond's year explained, warning to other clubs

    Benny, you're on drugs, that entire essay didn't make a minute bit of sense
  3. Infamy

    Ruckman: Ottens or Simmonds

    Only??? Over an entire season they are pretty big figures, around 20%
  4. Infamy

    will geelong fall behind as a result of this draft

    Geelong would be pretty much tied with Essendon for who did the best out of the draft. It's not a matter of quantity but quality. They got arguably the best key position player in the draft, one of the two top midfielders in the draft plus two super quick mids.
  5. Infamy

    Danyle Pearce

    People seem to forget that Aaron Davey started playing AFL as a 21 year old. Danyle Pearce is still only 20 years old and just finished his first full season of AFL. Compare Danyle Pearce in 2007 to Davey's first year and then it's a fair comparison. Pearce will end up being a more complete...
  6. Infamy

    Why do Griffen and the bulldogs get a free pass?

    That is such crap, we didn't flood in the Adelaide game, I can't believe people have so much trouble grasping that concept.
  7. Infamy

    Nice Eye-Candy Photo!

  8. Infamy

    Nick "426" Smith

    Pretty tough on the bloke, I don't know why people expected him to win Melbourne the game on his own back with half the game on the bench. He never was a ruckman, he was drafted as a CHB and at 196cm you'd struggle against most AFL level ruckmen Pretty tough up forward too when every time they...
  9. Infamy

    Jeff White

    Smith was never a ruckman, he was drafted as a CHB 196cm against a bloke 7 foot tall is pretty tough
  10. Infamy

    Pies finish 8th on percentage

    Hate to say it, but he's right % has nothing to do with it, it's all based on the ladder at the end of Round 22
  11. Infamy

    Freo's Big Guns go Missing

    Pav 4 AA will be spewing that his golden child Mundy made a few very costly mistakes that led directly to goals
  12. Infamy

    Tigers supporters booing Hird

    Yes but that's exactly my point He hasn't done it since 2003, that was 4 bloody seasons ago He didn't even lose it in the year we won the spoon His reputation of being a bad kick for goal is blown out of proportion by his easy misses, of which I can't even remember the last time he did it...
  13. Infamy

    Tigers supporters booing Hird

    Please list the last time you saw him spit the dummy
  14. Infamy

    Pettifer soft as!

    Does drafting Camporeale & Heffernan come under the banner of "rebuilding"
  15. Infamy

    Tigers supporters booing Hird

    My team is travelling along fine and trust me, I'm having a good look The fact that we've beaten you 3 times in a row now would perhaps suggest that we're improving. Just like you think a top 8 spot is owed to Essendon, you think we are owed a bottom 4 spot, it doesn't work like that, you just...
  16. Infamy

    Tigers supporters booing Hird

    I was at the game and thought I saw Hird get more than one free kick, that was the only reason he got booed. Perhaps the stats man paid the mark to Hird that resulted in a goal. I quoted a stat that was given in the media during the week, the quote was actually accurate except I didn't know...
  17. Infamy

    Early 2007 ladder precition

    Re: Early 2007 ladder prediction 1. West Coast 2. StKilda 3. Freo 4. Melbourne 5. Adelaide 6. Bulldogs 7. Richmond 8. Sydney 9. Collingwood 10. Geelong 11. Port Adelaide 12. Hawthorn 13. Carlton 14. Essendon 15. Kangaroos 16. Brisbane I think the Bulldogs would be higher, but...
  18. Infamy

    Tigers supporters booing Hird

    If you think 2 over the hill players are the answer to the Bombers problems then you really are delusional. Essendon are not a good side having a bad year, they are a once great team on a very long journey of rebuilding. I can only hope the brainstrust over rates the list as much as the...
  19. Infamy

    Pettifer soft as!

    Nathan Brown - One of the best players in the league Mark Coughlan - Last year led the comp in contested posessions Darren Gaspar - AA Full Back and as good as Fletcher Chris Newman - Australian Representative Andrew Kellaway - AA Defender Brent Hartigan - Rising Star Nominee Pretty big...
  20. Infamy

    Tigers supporters booing Hird

    Well off the mark, the first 8-10 players in the draft this year are all that strong that even finishing 9th, we'll still get one of these top players. Of all years, this is the year that playing well will not punish you heavily on missing one of the cream of the crop kids. We finished 12th last...