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  1. morton09

    New Festival Music Draft Game?

    anyone interested?? i just came out of hibernation and im looking for some entertainment, i will only run it if people are interested coz the second time i tried it was s**t.
  2. morton09

    Arctic Monkeys Vs Paramore

    ok, well im an arctic monkeys fn and my sister hates them, she loves paramore, just seeing what you guys think... :D
  3. morton09

    Bigfooty Hottest 100 2009

    ok Sorry for taking so long but this is the first bigfooty hottest 100 100. - The mountain goats - Ezekiel Seven and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace 99. - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – Home 98. - Soulsavers – All The Way Down 97. - The Lost Valentinos– Midnights 96. -...
  4. morton09

    R.I.P Jay Reatard

    i dont know if this has been posted already but i for one was a bit shocked when i read this, made some good music, played the laneway festival last year, they arent sure of the cause of death but this is dissapointing... only 29:(...
  5. morton09

    Pre-Original Festival Draft Game VII Organisation

    ok, well if i was to say that i am ready for another game, how many others would be willing to be involved, at the moment i would be hoping to get around 14-16 players, we wont start untill we have at least 12, this time around i think it is better if we organise it more and have some rule...
  6. morton09

    bigfooty hottest 100 of 2009

    well, vote for up to 10 songs from 2009, voting closes on the 20th of january, same system as triple J's hottest 100.. my votes ARCTIC MONKEYS - Pretty Visitors DATAROCK - Give It Up EELS - Fresh Blood KASABIAN - Fire KASABIAN - Where Did All The Love Go LOST VALENTINOS - Midnights MUSE -...
  7. morton09

    su último CD del compibilation sería…

    what would your Ultimate Compibilation CD sound like, what tracks from what bands, im just making a template kinda, so if i had a 12 track CD that i could choose my favourite songs it would be 1. Children Collide - Skeleton Dance 2. Datarock - Fa Fa Fa 3. Eagles of Death Metal - I Want You So...
  8. morton09

    have you ever had an ipod stolen?!?

    well, i just had a pretty bad day, and if you dont wanna hear about it then dont read this because some of this will be pointless but its apart of the story, i was listening to my ipod a few days ago when my earphones gave up, so i chucked em in the bin, anyway, i was gonna buy a new pair today...
  9. morton09

    Name an Band!

    name any band and an album by that band the album cant have been named yet ACDC - High Voltage edit: i just realised the name of the thread is using terrible grammar
  10. morton09

    Tame Impala Fan Thread

    this band is absolutely amazing, i have wanted to go see them so many times, but they rarely play underage gigs, so unless i can get tickets to BDO, i probebly wont see them live for three years, for those who dont know who tame impala are if you enjoy psych rock then your in for a treat, i know...
  11. morton09

    Original Music Festival Draft Game Public Voting Thread

    Ok, Everybody who played the game, please PM me your Votes on the 5,4,3,2,1 basis, this thread is here for the public, if you didn't play in the game and you want to vote, you can. you have 2 choices, you can either vote on the 5,4,3,2,1 basis - you can only do this if you post a detailed...
  12. morton09

    Music Festival Draft Game - Draft Order

    ok dont post your picks in here, this is just to view and see who is taken, also you can post suggestions for the game in here. 1. -TAZZA- - Good Vibrations Festival - The Beatles 2. superfraser - The Rolling Stones 3. Zarrix - nexus - Muse 4. Deledinho - Woodstock '09 - Led Zeppelin...
  13. morton09

    Music Festival Draft Game

    :spade:Okay, i'm not sure if this should be in the music forum or somwhere else, but the general idea that i have come up with is this. It combines the Draft aspect of AFL but instead of footy players you are drafting bands for your music festival, what happens is there will be 10 "events...
  14. morton09

    Ultimate Ultimo Trading Square - Draft Thread

    not sure of the draft order so if every team could post there draft picks, and also i will be posting on behalf of x deny...
  15. morton09

    Who will be playing in the grand final???

    i know this will only be relevent for a week, but who do you think the Grand final will be contested by???
  16. morton09

    The official i hate carlton because... thread...

    i hate carlton becuase they are overated, overpopular and Arrogant.... why do you hate carlton???:D:D:D oh and i hate parrot.... oh and they cheat....
  17. morton09

    The Early Official Trade Thread

    okay so a hell of a lot of rumours going around, so here is the place to discuss any of them, also any metioned here i will put on a list below and then we can asess how it actually panned out RUMOURS: Adelaide: Coming to: Luke Ball Departing: Brent Reilly , Chris Knights...
  18. morton09


    hahaha, just looking at player lookalikes in other people and objects, lol... like this...
  19. morton09

    Where will Tuck head???

    I'm Gutted that his leaving but i just wanna know where the general feeling, is in where he will end up and what we will be compensated with.
  20. morton09

    Ultimate ultimo trading square

    post your teams here