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  1. Errol Street

    Review North supporters be ashamed

    Disgraceful 13k Crowd after a long time between games in Melbourne. Don’t come back when we start winning, pathetic. More Melbourne supporters here than North! Sent from my iPhone using
  2. Errol Street

    Roast Post a new thread

    Yes there is a button to do this. I remember a time when I could log into big footy North forum and catch up on news, view articles from the paper that would be linked on here, view a new thread that references a current topic, attract my interest as soon as the page opens. Not all I see is...
  3. Errol Street


    Im confused Ive seen different reports what time does Ticketmaster open to get tickets for the WA game AEST?
  4. Errol Street

    Kids birthday cards

    Coming from the Captain of NMFC and signed by Boomer Harvey! My kids have received 2 and other friends have also received the same. What's going on? Kids can't be fooled these days (neither can their parents depending on how many wines have been consumed). ES
  5. Errol Street

    Review Walls talks North

    Check out the video on Sen TV Robert Walls reviews North. Interestingly we are ranked 17th in tackles per game and 15 in contested possession.
  6. Errol Street

    Greenwoods defensive pressure

    1 tackle all night..what was he doing out there last night??
  7. Errol Street

    My take on the exit

    I believe the board thought Arocca wasn't the man to lead them over the next 5 years and didn't want to renew his contract. Arocca knew that and leaked something to the press so he could make an exit. It's interesting on the same day the NRL chief Gallop also left after realising he wouldn't...
  8. Errol Street


    Why wasnt he subbed off? I heard he had a virus and he did absolutely nothing. If the rumour was true he shouldnt have played the second half.
  9. Errol Street

    Bailey sacked!
  10. Errol Street

    Scott - loose man in defense - please explain

    Those of you good on tactical nouse please tell me why we chose this tactic as it clearly is a defense move and left us short on scoring opportunities. I do know the Blues had more inside 50's but shouldn't we try and win this game?
  11. Errol Street

    Hansen the forward

    Everyone put your hands in the air and shout yeah cos Hansen is the our match winner, yes he is the man to kick or create goals to win our games!! NOT To be fair he was ok in the backline serviceable in fact but as a forward this guy will NEVER do a thing. I'm happy to eat my words but...
  12. Errol Street

    Why does Scott talk up the Pies so much

    He did it last year, he has done it in both rounds this year. He even did in the press conference after the game today. For FS any wonder they show us no respect and our players are intimidated.
  13. Errol Street

    North Melbourne deal hurts Tasmanias AFL bid/

    This redb chararcter (see comments) needs an attitude adjustment.
  14. Errol Street

    The Utah Experience

    How much can we attribute the Utah trip to guys like Edwards and Wells fitness and ability to run and run? I know we are going back this year and other clubs will be doing something similar. To me its made a difference, but we shall see as the season progresses. ES
  15. Errol Street

    Scott the coach

    Is it just me or is Brad Scott reluctant to make any key moves during the game. He took Hansen off midway through last qtr for Garlett when we could have used some more midfield help and fresh legs earlier. He leaves Hansen out of sorts in the forward line when he could easy swing him to...
  16. Errol Street

    Hansen: Why does he keep getting a game

    Seriously he keeps getting a game after having no form all year and taking opportunities of other guys like Delaney tonight. I struggle to see him adding value to our team in the foreseeable future. Surely he has had enough time?
  17. Errol Street

    Training tomorrow?

    I thought u read somewhere that there is training on Sat morning. Can anyone confirm?? Cheers ES?
  18. Errol Street

    Scott Thompson on 3AW very soon

    stay tuned
  19. Errol Street

    A 2 ruckmen forward line

    I still dont know why Scott persists with playing Hale, McIntosh/Goldstein and Hansen all in the forwrd line. Too many talls. 2 is enough esp when Hale is not taking grabs In the last qtr Wells got run down as he was looking for a led in the forward line and the big men stood there like...
  20. Errol Street

    Live Feed today

    Anyone know if there is a live feed today? If so could you please PM me, much appreciated. Thanks Go Roos! ES