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  1. marcmurphy3

    Autopsy 2022 Rd 21 Last quarter surge masks woeful performance

    True. It shouldn't be though. If it's not deemed a reportable offence it shouldn't matter what the outcome is.
  2. marcmurphy3

    Autopsy 2022 Rd 21 Last quarter surge masks woeful performance

    As dumb as the Cripps piece of play was it is pretty much exactly the same as Willie rioli early this year accept riolis looked even worse and he got off.
  3. marcmurphy3

    Autopsy 2022 Rd 21 Last quarter surge masks woeful performance

    Is anyone else concerned that all Voss mentions in press conferences regarding reasons for our loss last and this week is contest work? Doesn't mention our spectacular skill errors, lack of spread or unwillingness to shut down the opposition. I put that loss and last week down to alot more then...
  4. marcmurphy3

    List Mgmt. List Management 2022

    I think Dow just eroded what was left of his trade value. Won't even get a 3rd rounder now
  5. marcmurphy3

    Autopsy 2022 Rd 21 Last quarter surge masks woeful performance

    Without Cripps, Kennedy and Hewett? The the thought going up against the dees with a midfield of Walsh, Dow, Cerra and Fisher is horrifying.
  6. marcmurphy3

    Autopsy 2022 Rd 21 Last quarter surge masks woeful performance

    No he's out for 2 weeks with fractured jaw.
  7. marcmurphy3

    Game Day Rnd 21 - Carlton v Brisbane Game Day

    For all the talk of needing to get physical not sure cripps getting himself suspended helps us. We were also certainly going to lose this game anyway. Without Cripps I doubt we can win either of the next 2 either
  8. marcmurphy3

    Speculation Tim Taranto

    Yeah that's my confusion with all the conjecture over Grundy. I can see how it helps Collingwood to move him on but I struggle to see how it helps anyone else. Can't think of a club that needs a ruckman that bad that they would take a 29 year old (who hadnt even been playing well) on a 1...
  9. marcmurphy3

    Nick Daicos vs Andrew Brayshaw

    Depends how many running defenders they pick. I would have Daicos 6th in line after Sinclair, Brayshaw, Saad, Docherty and Dale. If I had to guess though I would lean towards him getting picked. Pies have had a great year without many standout individual players. They will want to recognise a...
  10. marcmurphy3

    Nick Daicos vs Andrew Brayshaw

    I guess it depends on your definition of by a mile. In my view one of them is a high chance of being the brownlow medallist while the other is 50-50 chance of being in the AA squad of 40 (still a great achievement for a first year player). For me that constitutes by a mile.
  11. marcmurphy3

    Nick Daicos vs Andrew Brayshaw

    In my view he is having a better season by a mile You clearly you disagree. Fair enough. Don't think I backtracked at all.
  12. marcmurphy3

    Nick Daicos vs Andrew Brayshaw

    There are 30 players that are averaging between 25 and 30 disposals this year. Just because they have comparable numbers doesn't mean they are having comparable seasons. I think you'd struggle to find many non pies supporters that would disagree with me on that. Not a crack at Daicos by the...
  13. marcmurphy3

    Your current top 5 most exciting players? And how do they stack up against the rest?

    For us I'd go 1. Curnow 2. Saad 3. Cripps 4. McKay 5. DeKoning If looking at the whole comp I'd go 1. Bolton 2. Curnow 3. Martin 4. Petracca 5. Cameron (Charlie)
  14. marcmurphy3

    Nick Daicos vs Andrew Brayshaw

    Brayshaw has had a better season by a mile but for the future I take Daicos.
  15. marcmurphy3

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 21 - Demons v Pies Fri Aug 5th 7:50pm EST (MCG)

    Not sure why Ed Langdon is getting bashed. Never great giving the opponent extra ammunition but he is right. Collingwood is a one trick pony. Luckily for Collingwood it is a really good trick. They did nothing last night that Melbourne wouldn't have expected. They just weren't good enough to...
  16. marcmurphy3

    News Adelaide Crows Camp Allegations and Rumors

    I honestly reckon this all coming out now will be better for you guys in the long run. Players were never going to remain silent forever and shouldn't. There are 3 games left in the season and you are out of finals contention. You essentially have 8 months to deal with this and come back...
  17. marcmurphy3

    Trades 2022 Round 21 Trades

    Who should I trade Short for out of Himmelberg, Dale and Hall? Himmelberg will leave me with 1 trade and virtually no cash in the bank. Would prefer to be left with more flexibility for my last trade but think Himmelberg might still be worth it. Alternatively I could save the trade and grab...
  18. marcmurphy3

    Preview 2022 Rd 21 Carlton vs Brisbane Sunday August 7 3:20PM @ The Gabba - Team Post #1157

    Selection is based off more then one weeks form. Kemp was better last week but Marchbank was better the week before. I can see how Marchbanks previous performance in the role at afl level would have swung the choice in his favour.
  19. marcmurphy3

    Speculation Izak Rankine

    Bit different. His trade value had already eroded pretty significantly by the time he was went. Wasn't playing anywhere near to the level rankine is.