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    Anyone betting NRL this week? overs??

    Hey guys i noticed tonight's game went blooody 51-10 to souths vs a Wests team with nothing to play for, anyone think the scores follow trend of AFL in the dead rubbers and go way over??
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    FINAL 8 Value bets?

    Hey guys trying to find some value in Final 8 Bets.... the eagles get back Kennedy this week i think? if the dees drop this week its going to be awfully nerve racking for us fans most likely needing to win final game to get in.!!!. off the top of my head we can still make it with zero wins haha...
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    Betting club Drama/new site?

    Hey guys is anyone else with they have done a whole new re jig on their site over the past two days and i now log in and I only have $140 in there when i know i had like around $400 plus another $170 i definately won on my last bet as it was a bonus bet and that was my final bet...
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    Triple J hot 100 betting/?? is there any value in a rough winner?? i mean Flume song is ok but it's fairly ho hum compared to his older stuff but its going to get enough votes to probably win, I'd love to see unearthed winner Tash Sultana...
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    golf tips?

    Hey guys. Round 1 and 2 British open tee times are worth a look before betting,as the wind becomes howling at around anyone with a tee time of 615am to 8:30 has a nice advantage! I like grumpy Monty for top senior due to this factor over Singh and Jimenez with average round 1 and 2 tee...
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    Wimbledon tips

    Hey guys any Wimbledon tips? I like Delbonis 3.30 vs fognini and Mayer 3.20 (live) vs thiem for value! Also Pouille 2.15 ranked 30 vs.Copil..courts are slow so will suit Pouille here! Also live they (sbet) have Vesely Sisjling under 30.5 at 2.10 but Vesely at 1.50 to win 3rd set... He's up...
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    AFL preseason betting

    Hey guys i think there's some value in some games to hit if you do a bit of research and read into the coaches comments.. eg Adelaide 1.75 vs EAGLES seems great, as Simpson has indicated he will more than likely rest his older players due to the flight and take over a youthful/new recruits kind...
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    Hey guys anyone got some value golf tips for tonight.. guys that are perhaps 2-4 shots off lead but could really stick around at nice odds... I did 10 on Lawrie due to being a local.... Also in the Barosa Open we have the forgotten man Hensby the Australian paying 12-1 and only one shot off...
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    FYFE vote total??

    Hey guys very tempted to smash the bet of Fyfe breaking record 35 plus votes its paying 1.75 currently.. I have him on 27 and that's being a bit conservative even..... what do you guys have him on... injury of course is the risk to this bet..
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    Greyhound search??

    Hey guys i was wondering if there is any site where i can get an a-z listing of greyhound runners to track when they run next easily.. I know tab use to have this on their site but it seems to be gone:( thanks:)
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    LUKE BREUST straight shooter on foxtel song?

    Hey guys.. been trying to find the artist who sings the song that was just on the end of the freo/wc game with the Luke Breust highlights package?? I don't have an iphone so cant use that app that detects the song hope u can help:)
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    MUSIC AT THE MCG?? who picks it?

    Hey guys.. is there any way to track down who supplies the music for the videos/etc before game on big screen.. my mates are ultra keen on knowing what music artist did the song for the afl photo moments video they had on about the previous round like about 1 hour before the game on Queens Bday...
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    Hey guys.. does anyone know who's televising the premier league promotion match featuring Socceroos midfielder Jedinak.... I looked on foxtel and sbs guides and couldn't see a listing....
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    A League Round 27

    Hey guys.... with WSW likely to at least draw or beat Newcastle... the Central Coast Mariners are likely to field their youth team Saturday (thus possibly stuffing up my Mcbreen bet for golden boot if Brockie scores 1 or 2 the next day) Surely Heart are worth a decent bet at 6.75 for the win and...
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    Hey guys, couldn't see an AFL Season thread.. just after thoughts on round 1.. want to jump all over Geelong vs Hawks at 2.75 that is crazy.. hawks several players underdone and Suckling now gone and of course Cats great record vs them.. also love Brisbane at 1.63 vs Dogs should be more like...
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    Loading Up big On Mcbreen?? Yes or no

    Hey guys, Mcbreen has a 3 goal lead on Rojas in the Golden Boot 15 to 12 and then Berisha on 10 and Ryan Griffits/Brockie on 9 the only Dangers.. Seems Rojas may be cooling down a tad and Mcbreen just seems to pop up in every game for a goal almost!! He has a couple appealing weeks coming up as...
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    Do Freo now Tank>

    With North now unlikely to even get ahead of Freo on % or barely just.. Freo need to lose to dees to stay 8th and get the Derby final we all wanted.. otherwise a trip to MCG vs Cats awaits..... can't believe North have now put themselves up for a trip West with this showing.... Cats would of...
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    FREO CAN RELAX TOMMOROW if Blues lose 2night?

    Freo no need to risk Pav tommorow if Blues lose correct?? all they will need is to defeat Melbourne.... Even now if Blues win tonight.. Freo will only have to defeat the dees by a few goals to make it given blues aren't going to get the expected percentage boost... should i put a lot on North...
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    Hey guys just wondering what the lines are for lastmanstanding this week and do they change up until the bounce or you get a set line from Tuesday... as you'd think Port would firm up from 18 to around 14 by game time.. I forgot to do my 3 entries last week and had 2 as Hawks vs GWS and North...
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    COTCHIN OVER Murphy... does anyone agree

    Put this on my facebook and got shot down basically.. I see cotchin as a better linebreaker... quicker and as damaging kick.. Murphy i think is going to come back a tad this year if he keeps getting number 1 tag and Judd doesn't.. I'd love to see Cotch in a top 4 team getting a chop out like...