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    Coach Clarkson has left the building

    are you guys watching what I am??? Clarko is emotional - as you would be - but he doesn't seem bitter or upset about the situation at all.
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    Game Day Round 18, 2021: Hawks v Demons, MCG 7:25pm Sat'd 17th July

    I reckon we'll win this one, it's been one of those years.
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    News Clarkson news, media etc - he’s off into the Sunset!

    Clarko is and will always be a legend, but I think it was time to go. Nearly 20 years at the top is long enough in any organisation.
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    Autopsy Round 14, 2021: Hawks fail against Bombers

    I may be in the minority but I was pretty happy with the performance yesterday. I think Essendon are a lot better than their record suggest and they have a lot of promising players. With better kicking, we could have won it. It was a much better showing than some of our other games this year...
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    Is Bigfooty overlooked in the major AFL media?

    Twitter/Instagram are referenced in the media when current and former players, or media commentators, voice their opinion. The truth is the wider footy public doesn't care what "Rod Stroker" has to say (no offence Rod Stroker, I just love your name)
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    Can Hawthorn succeed while ignoring the elite end of the draft? - Part 2

    I've got some mates that still think "there's no way we're a bottom 2 side". Well, we are, and will be for a while if we continue to play ex-Essendon spuds like Hartley.
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 10 - Crows v Demons Sat May 22nd 4:35pm EST (AO)

    Not enough credit being given to Tex's enormous mark and goal under pressure. What a guy.
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    Jumper clash fails

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    Autopsy Round 6 2021: Hawks comeback from 32pts down, defeat Crows

    The best part of today was seeing Kosi and Lewis taking big grabs in the forward line. That's what this team has been missing for such a long time.
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 6 - Hawks v Crows Sun April 25th 12:30pm EST (Uni of Tasmania Stadium)

    Adelaide's 'clash jumper' is a pretty big clash with Hawthorn's.
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    Rumour H

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    4th test Australia v India at the Gabba 1030 AEDT

    India winning this series would be pretty bloody incredible.
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    4th test Australia v India at the Gabba 1030 AEDT

    lmao are they blind
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    3rd Test Australia v India, Jan 7-11 at the SCG

    The side on camera (last hotspot vision they broadcast) showed that he clearly didn't hit that, why the controversy?
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    2nd Test Australia v India, Dec 26 - 30 at the MCG

    Why don't they do the ball tracking first, and save a few minutes?
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    US Election 2020: President Elect Biden and VP Elect Harris

    Trump now $1.80 favourite on Sportsbet
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    Can Dustin Martin be the GOAT?

    Dusty is up there with Buddy as one of those players who are unstoppable when at their best. What a legend.
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    Review 2020 Grand Final discussion

    Dusty is god-like. How does he do it?