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  1. _Christoh_

    International Rules set to be ended by GAA

    It looks like the GAA county sides are likely to vote against continuing the International Rules series. International Rules set to be shown the door Whilst I know that the series isn't super popular with Australian Rules fans, I always thought the AFL would be the ones to end the series...
  2. _Christoh_

    Competitions 2014 Bigfooty Supercoach Club Championship

    Welcome to the 2014 Bigfooty Supercoach Club Championship Port Adelaide Leagues. This is the third season of the competition and all 18 clubs are represented. Last year, the Geelong Board (BigFooty Cats SC) were premiers, defeating the Richmond Board (BigFooty Tigers SC) 12-6 in the grand...
  3. _Christoh_

    Competitions 2014 Port Supercoach Leagues - FULL!!

    Hi guys, We have filled both leagues this year...Yipee!! At this stage the following players are on board: [League FILLED] Chrizzt - 1570 - Power Rangers madman - 1687 - Maloudas Intruders SureBuddy14 - 2133 - Ive Got This chewysnake - 2413 - PowerToThePeople Seanybruz - 2492 - PAFC United...
  4. _Christoh_

    Opinion It was worth it...

    It was worth sticking thick the last few years. It was tough turning up knowing we would get flogged. When so many fell by the way side, many of us here stayed thick to Port Adelaide. We endured humiliation, we endured many defeat and we suffered, oh boy did we suffer. We witnessed...
  5. _Christoh_

    List Mgmt. The Power Behind Port Adelaide

    I came across these videos and thought I would post them up as I havent seen them anywhere else. Some interesting insights and behind the scene footage that we dont get a look into very often. The focus on the videos revolve around our partner Optimum Nutrition and goes into areas of nutrition...
  6. _Christoh_

    Ollie Wines Round 1 Rising Star Nominee

    Congratulations to Ollie Wines on a great debut and in some ways break out game. He had 24 possessions (16 contested) 7 Marks, 3 tackles and a goal. It was a delight to see a first game player come in and play so well first game up. Jack Viney was his equal in the game and these two...
  7. _Christoh_

    Competitions 2013 BF Supercoach Club Championship League

    The league is full and we need everyone who has joined to post their team name in this thread and rank from last year if you know it. If you played in a bigfooty league last year I can find your rank for you. Multiple Scorgasms - Gee Dub - rank 37191 The Cereal Killers - PAFC_316 - rank 27023...
  8. _Christoh_

    Discussion Designs from Bigfooty are being used.

    I dont know what can be done with this info but just putting it out there that designs are being lifted from Bigfooty. I came across these, before Christmas, at a business that was closed at the time, in a Port Adelaide shopping centre. I know 100% that they are from designs on this site by...
  9. _Christoh_

    Competitions Bigfooty Supercoach Player of the Year

    Congratulations to chewysnake who took out the individual team of the year in the Bigfooty Supercoach Club Championship. chewysnake (team name: powertothepeople) was the star player in the PAFC Bigfooty supercoach team finishing the season with 21 votes and spanking the rest of the Bigfooty...
  10. _Christoh_

    Port's match day music

    The clubs facebook page has a poll at the moment to help choose the match day music. Hilltop Hoods are leading by a fair margin at the moment mainly because the rest a fairly ordinary. I like the HH song anyway so its all good as far as im concerned
  11. _Christoh_

    Club songs that didn't make it

    Many years ago in the late 90's I used to work for a lady who used to head up a few Government departments back in the day before she was moved sideways into a small unit that I was apart of. She was involved in starting up the Women in Power and was involved in the intial set up (could...
  12. _Christoh_

    News Adelaide Earth Tremor

    Did anyone else feel the earth move at 2.20am? I was half asleep and felt the whole room vibrate. Im in Queenstown and definetly noticed it, just got confirmation on 5AA.
  13. _Christoh_

    Club supported name to the left

    Looks like there has been a mess up with colours, we have Richmonds and they have Gold Coast. If its not a mistake then the world truely has gone insane:p
  14. _Christoh_

    Society & Culture Women 'tried to smuggle corpse onto plane' This is funny, i wonder where they got the inspiration?
  15. _Christoh_

    Society & Culture Crimes you've witnessed.

    What crimes have you personally witnessed. Could be a minor assault thru to something more serious. What is YOUR eyewitness account of what you saw. Might be an idea to not post stories that could still be going to, or are in front of a court. I witnessed a prison van being held up at...
  16. _Christoh_


    Cant help but think it was one of the corner stones of our 2004 side along with skill, redemtion and experience. We had a host of players who could dish it out, Hardwick, Carr, Pickett, Wilson just to name a few. I wonder if it is still as relevant in todays footy a mere 4-5 years ago? No...
  17. _Christoh_

    Roosters clips on youtube

  18. _Christoh_

    Priority 3, What are the chances??

    I have heard our allocation is 14k and im just not sure how many priority 1 and 2 will take up. Got transport and accommodation sorted just need to get the ticket. what are the chances??
  19. _Christoh_

    Blood Testing

    Can anyone tell me if the AFL undertake blood sample testing. I have heard on many occasions that they do urine tests but i have yet to hear about blood tests. I do know that EPO and blood doping can only be detected via blood samples.
  20. _Christoh_

    Love my team but despise the league

    I am a passionate PAFC supporter, i follow port having followed another SANFL club, i am proud of PAFC history (SANFL/AFL) attend as many games as i can get to, but i am getting to the end of my tether with the direction the AFL is taking this great game. 1. Constant rule changes and watering...