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  1. Scythe94

    Toast Retirement: Josh J Kennedy

    Thought this deserved a MB thread. A wonderful player who brought fear to opposing backlines for 17 years, and always played the game with class. Impossible not to like – congrats on a great career, JK.
  2. Scythe94

    Captains Round 17 VC / Captain

    Oliver into Neale.
  3. Scythe94

    Game Day Round 16 vs Adelaide (Adelaide Oval)

    Like a Melbourne ruckman, this week's GDT doesn't seem to exist. Just get in and out with the four points please.
  4. Scythe94

    Game Day Round 15 vs Brisbane (BCNA Pink Lady Match)

    I'm still not entirely sure how we're favourites, especially without Max, but here we are. The small forward line is an interesting move considering our overwhelming tendency to kick inside 50 like we're trying to bring down a satellite; so either our method changes, or Harris Andrews takes a...
  5. Scythe94

    News Steven May and Jake Melksham altercation FFS. Just dumb, now we lose May for another week.
  6. Scythe94

    Game Day Round 3: Melbourne vs Essington Bombres, MCG, 7:20pm

    Melbourne vs Essendon games have a tendency to throw up some weird results, but in reality we should have them covered across the park, even with our makeshift defense. That being said, expect Essendon to lead by at least 20 points at some stage in the second.
  7. Scythe94

    Player Watch Rising Star 2022 Discussion

    Going to be pretty hard to beat Bowey at this stage – 34 possessions, 18 contested, 16 intercepts, nine marks, 560 metres gained going at 79% DE, and ~150 SuperCoach points. Crazy to think he's played nine games. Caleb Daniel clone. EDIT: This was originally created as a Round 2 discussion thread.
  8. Scythe94

    Oppo Camp The Western™️ Watch: Headbutt Time (with a side of coke) In all its cringeworthy, embarrassing glory. EDIT: Beveridge was still in the wrong, but Morris deserves everything...
  9. Scythe94

    Player Watch Welcome, Luke Dunstan

    That was quick. Excellent depth option.
  10. Scythe94

    Toast Farewell and thank you, Darren Burgess

    It's official. A key component in our Premiership success (it still sounds funny saying that), who helped us become one of the best second-half teams of all time. Let's hope he's passed on some wisdom to the rest of the high performance team. Good luck, Burgo.
  11. Scythe94

    Prediction Realistically, who makes the AA team?

    With a round to go, the All-Australian picture is getting clearer. So how many Melbourne players make the team, and who will they be? For mine: Locks: Lever (going to set the all-time record for intercept marks, and I wouldn't be surprised if he wins the B&F) Oliver (if he had more of a media...
  12. Scythe94

    Prediction Changes v Geelong - Round 23, 2021

    There's no way they won't pick Viney, despite him not really earning it. Speaking of not earning it, Brayshaw shouldn't be there either. But to take a stab: Out: Sparrow, Smith (unlucky, but I trust Hibberd more leading into some massive games), Melksham In: McDonald, May, Viney
  13. Scythe94

    Weideman out for 10–12 weeks

    Oh boy.
  14. Scythe94

    Mark Williams joining Dees as Head of Development

    Big appointment.
  15. Scythe94

    News Melbourne signs Jay Lockhart Well deserved after having a terrific season for Casey in 2018. Welcome aboard, Jay.
  16. Scythe94

    Game Day Practice Match v Collingwood

    Squad is in: Melbourne Christian Salem James Harmes Christian Petracca Jordan Lewis Charlie Spargo Angus Brayshaw Max Gawn Michael Hibberd Billy Stretch Sam Frost Braydon Preuss Aaron vandenBerg Jay Kennedy...
  17. Scythe94

    2019 Leadership Group

    Nailed it.
  18. Scythe94

    Who has the best forward line heading into 2019?

    Similar to the thread I posted last week, it’s time to rank the forward lines heading into 2019. I acknowledge that teams don’t necessarily have a ‘forward six’ due to rotations, but for the purposes of ranking each part of the ground for different teams, this will do. Again, these lineups are...
  19. Scythe94

    List Mgmt. The 2019 Trade and Free Agency Thread

    And so begins another year of repetitive discussion that will likely not reach a resolution until 8:29 pm on the last day of the trade period (can’t wait for the 24 hour play-by-play telecast next year). Here is our current list of out of contract players at the end of 2019 (taken from...
  20. Scythe94

    Who has the best back six heading into 2019? (super early edition)

    Always a bit of fun debating which club has the best group in each part of the ground. Some lineups will obviously change post-draft, but this shouldn’t impact your ability to pick the best of the bunch for now. These lineups are what seem to be the general consensus on each team’s board (mixed...