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  1. Dale_Thomas

    MMA-UFC UFC 243 - October 6

    Early reports saying a date has been set. Can Rob keep himself healthy? Surely lightning doesn't strike a 3rd time. Can Volkanosvki set himself up for a co-headline spot with a win over Aldo next week...
  2. Dale_Thomas

    Sydney Swans = Xavier F.C?

    Seems to be a bit of a trend going on here You know have Ted Richards ('00), Matthew Spangher ('05), Josh Kennedy ('06), Dan Hannebery ('09) and Alex Johnson ('09) on your list. All ex-Xavier College students. I would say this has to be some sort of record, at least in the modern game. Rare...
  3. Dale_Thomas

    2011 Draw Looks pretty good for us on first glance. Our first 11 games are all at home We play WB once Geelong twice St Kilda twice Hawthorn once And have a bye in round 13 and round 7
  4. Dale_Thomas

    Saints Members already with GF tickets

    I know it is a long shot but thought it can't hurt in asking. Just wondering whether there are any saints members already out there, who have been lucky enough to get tickets to the GF, who would allow me to use their membership barcode tomorrow to try and buy standing room tickets for my Dad...
  5. Dale_Thomas

    Hannebery's 75 metre goal

    I put it up on Youtube. Huge kick! He has got a great left foot.
  6. Dale_Thomas

    R.I.P Geoff McClure

    Great Age journalist for many years, very passionate carlton supporter and leaves behind a loving family. RIP Geoff McClure 1950 - 2010
  7. Dale_Thomas

    Daniel Hanneberry

    This kid is pretty much a gun. Has shown how good he is for Oakleigh throughout last season, playing bottom age as well. Sweet left foot, good size and a good tank. If he wasn't already firmly on every club's radar, he certainly will be after these draft camp results. THREE-KM TIME TRIAL 1 –...