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    FTA-TV Which TV shows are you watching now.

    Second that. Really enjoyed it.
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    FTA-TV Which TV shows are you watching now.

    Currently watching Blackbird on Apple (they’re on the roll this year), and it’s pretty strong. Better call Saul as it comes in…always brilliant. Also very keen to check out Bear!
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    Streaming The Rehearsal (Nathan Fielder)

    Watched the first Ep. Never saw Nathan for you, but this is weirdly compelling. Love the length he goes to…very original.
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    Player Watch 2022 AFL National Draft Discussion - read the pinned post

    Didn’t mind those dinky kicks, he saw those options late and adjusted. Shows composure.
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    Preview Round 20, 2022: St Kilda v Hawthorn, 30 July 2022, 4.35pm @ Marvel Stadium

    Every time we put Day somewhere other than Half back, he looks rather lost. I know he’ll take time to adjust, but still reckon his best footy is from HBF.
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    Autopsy Round 6, 2022: Hawks fall over against Swans

    I mean he favours his right side a lot and from memory seemed to get caught a few times. Did say he’s had a solid year, so not sure why you’re ranting!
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    Autopsy Round 6, 2022: Hawks fall over against Swans

    That was the ball game right there. Pretty indicative of lack of leadership.
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    Autopsy Round 6, 2022: Hawks fall over against Swans

    He’s had a solid year, but is an extremely one sided player. Got caught a few times today.
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    Love Winning Time. With the HBO output deal, plenty to like on Binge for now.
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    FTA-TV Top Boy

    Tasty show innit? The wire meets streets of London. Pretty addictive so far.
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    Toast Welcome to Hawthorn, Finn Maginness

    He’s not your silky skilled type and never will be. If running is he’s asset at the moment, he’s gotta tag the elite mids out there. Learn that craft, then learn to find the ball.
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    Autopsy Round 3, 2022: Hawks go down to the Blues

    Mighty effort, we looked so spent by the time last 15 ticked over. Loved the daring approach. If Gunston or Lewis had their day we would have gotten the points. Still amazing signs especially off the back end drive. One more good draft intake and there’s our launching pad. Need that special...
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    Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn: Connor MacDonald! Debuting Round 1!

    Best moment of the doco, although so tough for Sonsie tearing up on the coach next to him.
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    Autopsy Round 1, 2022: Hawks skin the Roos

    Yeah there’s refreshing honesty in the he’s going about it.
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    Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn : Jai “Duke” Newcombe - Round 5 NAB rising star!

    Was the missing link today. Love the half forward/mid role for him. Takes the game on and has a penetrating boot.
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    Preview Round 1, 2022: Hawks v North, MCG Sunday March 20th at 1.10pm

    Yep can see the benefit of him coming off the bench as an extra mid rotation…but it’s seems temporary. Not totally sold on him as a long term player.
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    Preview Round 1, 2022: Hawks v North, MCG Sunday March 20th at 1.10pm

    I wouldn’t. What possy does he own as a first 18 player?
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    FTA-TV Jeen-yuhs

    Maybe a very quick snippet in the doco. You get plenty of speeches though. Some lucid like this, others completely all over the shop.
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    FTA-TV Jeen-yuhs

    Coming from a non-fan of Kanye West, this is a damn good doco. Just a 3 parter on Netflix. From watching a young (almost likeable) Kanye hustle to get his break in the industry - to seeing the babbling, lost soul he became. The access is pretty incredible. Worth a look.
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    Foxtel - how atrocious has it become year after year?

    Think it was a mistake for Foxtel not to play the pre-season games. Sure Kayo is all about new subscriptions, but you can’t piss off the customers you already have.