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  1. Betts are off

    Prediction The 'Rookie Games Played' Game

    Hey all, Welcoming you all to the 'Rookie games played' game. Premise is simple. Predict how many of the Crows 7 Rookie's would have played any AFL games by the following rounds. Round 1 Round 6 Round 12 Round 18 End of H/A season. Rules; Game is knockout format and last man (or woman)...
  2. Betts are off

    Rumour Tales from the Henley Beach Cafe: CROWS 2021 RUMOURS

    The 2020 Crows offseason feels like its about to start really cooking now.... Lets start dishen them secrets people!
  3. Betts are off

    Rumour The Ricky Nixon Challenge 2019

    For shits'n'giggles during whats bound to be a painfully long offseason for Crows fans, I offer up "The Ricky Nixon Challenge" (and no, not that kind of challenge, you dirty minded b**stards). Rules: 1) Give your best 22 minus the players Ricky Nixon has reported as 'linked to another club"...
  4. Betts are off

    Prediction AFC RUCKS: Tap Tap Taperoo

    The AFC ruck position has been a 1 man show since 2011, and in that time I doubt anyone could question the service Sauce has given over the years. The man has been great for us, but its coming to the time in his career where we need to embrace for the inevitability of his decline. Of course...
  5. Betts are off

    Prediction The AFC 12 Game Challenge

    Hey All, I hope you are all enjoying the offseason. I for 1 cannot wait to get back into some football. I did this last year in a thread but thought it would be quite interesting to do as its own thread this year. How likely are the following fringe/up and coming/declining players to play in...
  6. Betts are off

    Opinion AFC's 2018 Dead Rubber Experiments

    Well 2018 has not been fun, and whilst we all love being in the 'mathematical chance' boat, even the most optimistic of Crows fans must know the finals dream is now over. With this in mind I, like many in here, have firmly shifted my interest from winning, to list management. And with 4 dead...
  7. Betts are off

    News Duckwood and co, finally getting called out for Ducking. Kudos to you Alastair Clarkson!!!

    Not sure if you guys visited today but it looks like Alastair Clarkson finally came out and said what have all be thinking. That the Joel Selwood duck, shoulder slip, knee drop etc has too be stamped out. And although he was careful not to directly associate it with Joel Selwood, it...
  8. Betts are off

    Roast Motlop Meltdown. Was this an all time best?

    Now that a week has passed since the end of trade week, and we have all had some time to cool down a bit I thought it would be a good time to look back and laugh at what would have the be one of the all time unnecessary meltdowns in Adelaide's BF history. I refer to none other then the day...