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  1. BruceFromBalnarring

    Analysis The Way Forward

    The discussion is headed this way so I thought I’d open the batting. 1. Ruck. As an old midfielder, this is just so important. Presuming there’s no secret Grundy play we need to extend Naismith. He’s easily the best tap ruckman on our list and the fact that we’re in the mix says it’s a risk...
  2. BruceFromBalnarring

    Oceania Noo Zullund

    Anyone else raise an eyebrow to Jacinda’s claims to be the sole source of truth?
  3. BruceFromBalnarring

    Big Grifts

    Honestly not surprised MFW turned out to be a massive grift. Much like BLM. When will people show just an ounce of caution before gleefully publishing their inane hateful bullshit on here?
  4. BruceFromBalnarring

    NT NT Politics

    I see there isn’t a thread on our poor northern neighbours. Knowing now that vaccination does nothing to limit the thread of Covid, now you can’t leave your house if you’re unvaccinated. Can’t wait for the next Jimmy Rees clip. Poor Dan, he has one little holiday and now he’s sitting only...
  5. BruceFromBalnarring

    Vic Who stands with Dan on this?

    This is Dan Andrews' new policy on camping in Victoria. What are people's thoughts?
  6. BruceFromBalnarring

    Podcast The Bloods

    Anyone been listening to this? It’s a history from when we moved to Sydney. It’s great. Episode 2 you can clearly hear bedford at the 11.45 minute mark.
  7. BruceFromBalnarring

    Summer Sailing

    Anyone? Otherwise I’ll delete the thread. But Matt Wearn is looking likely. Explainer. In sailing, there are 10 races plus a "medal race". The idea is to finish with the lowest score. A 1st = 1 point, a 2nd = 2 points etc. You get to discard 1 result. So if you have a gear breakage or a blow...
  8. BruceFromBalnarring

    Strategy The Ruck Conundrum

    I think Sam Jacobs gave our boys a bit of a hiding on Friday night. I know we won the clearances but I felt as though their clearance wins were cleaner and more effective. I really do think that against Adelaide and GWS, and probably Melbourne and Essendon too, we need Naismith rucking. So how...
  9. BruceFromBalnarring

    Analysis The hypothetical thread

    Just a couple of hypotheticals because the reality is just depressing. 1. AJ is passed fit to play NEAFL in the next couple of weeks and Melican continues to perform in the seniors. Do they hold AJ back until Round 11 (kinda cruel) or drop Melican? 2. Cameron is selected this week and takes 5...
  10. BruceFromBalnarring

    Proposed new rule.....

    If a player acts in a manner designed to bring about a free kick where in normal circumstances a free kick would not have been awarded, a free kick shall not be awarded.* *Explanatory note: If a player is tackled legally in the first instance but acts to cause that tackle to be illegal by...
  11. BruceFromBalnarring

    Scandal Hawthorn Trade Manipulation

    So Vickery's worth $500k a year. Right? Didn't think so. More like $300k per year. So he gets offered a long term contract. Right? Well he did. But all of a sudden that contract is only 2 years. Odd isn't it? So Hawthorn are answering questions as to why they would offer a 2 year $500k deal...
  12. BruceFromBalnarring

    They have to be trolling us, don't they?

    Stevic and Nicholls to umpire Hawks/Bulldogs tonight.
  13. BruceFromBalnarring

    Strategy Who are St Kilda?

    Hi Guys. Feel free to boot me if this offends but I'm quite genuine about it and it's had me irritated for months. I live in Kingston and I'm involved with the SFL for what it's worth. I cannot understand how Hawthorn have been allowed to develop a training centre in St Kilda's backyard. I...
  14. BruceFromBalnarring

    Expansion How to fix Brisbane and Gold Coast

    What's the point in a priority pick? If things don't change all it will mean is another player doing an apprenticeship up north before returning to Victoria in 2-3 years. The answer lies in the Academies. For the Queensland clubs, for a period of 5 years, let them have their Academy picks under...
  15. BruceFromBalnarring

    Status in Question Gubby Allen, GWS, and Collingwood

    Can someone explain to me why this isn't front page news?
  16. BruceFromBalnarring

    It's not the's this........ Four decisions, three embarrassingly political responses. 1. Why not just say "Umpire didn't see the fake handball. If he had, he would have paid a free." 2. Why not just say "Umpire saw the jumper hold but didn't understand at the time...
  17. BruceFromBalnarring

    Mega Thread Tommy Mitchell - All Contract Talk in here

    I hope I don't have a reputation here as someone who bags players. And I admire first and foremost those players who can find the ball. Tom Mitchell is one of those. But it is simply bloody useless to win the ball in a pack and throw it on the boot to a situation where we are grossly...
  18. BruceFromBalnarring

    Opinion on Players - can it change?

    So we all know the Essendon 34 have appealed to the Swiss Federal Court on the basis that they believe CAS erred in allowing the case to be heard de novo. This means that they are unhappy with the situation that allows WADA to bring new evidence (or a different case structure) in an appeal...
  19. BruceFromBalnarring

    Analysis Time to get "Bloody"

    Reading some of the analysis is beginning to give me my own mental illness. Come on, Bloods, there is a hell of a lot to be positive about. We were one umpire influenced result from the minor premiership this year. Dalgleish doesn't cheat for Freo in Round 4 then we finish top. But to our...