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    Round 10 Discussion

    Teams for tomorrow night IN: Josh Dunkley, Cody Weightman, Roarke Smith OUT: Matt Suckling (hamstring), Jackson Trengove, Billy Gowers IN: McKenzie, Woodcock (debut) OUT: Ebert (injured), Lienert (omitted)
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    Stage Hamilton

    Hamilton was released on Disney+ yesterday. For anyone unfamiliar, it's the extremely popular Broadway show, they filmed it in 2016 a week before some of the original cast finished up. I've heard people rave on about it for years, the tickets are extremely hard to get and the soundtrack they...
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    Little Fires Everywhere

    Starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. Became available on Amazon Prime Video in Australia today, season finished airing in the US a couple of weeks ago. A great show that I would recommend to everyone. Great cast and impressive performances by everyone especially the kids in the...
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    List Mgmt. Liam Shiels signs on

    HFC just announced that he has signed on until the end of 2022
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    5 NBL teams to play against NBA teams

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    Round 6 discussion

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    Sicily serious misconduct charge

    James Sicily, Hawthorn, has been charged with serious misconduct against Shaun Atley, North Melbourne, during the second quarter of the Round Five match between Hawthorn and North Melbourne, played at Etihad Stadium on Sunday April 22, 2018. In summary, he has been referred directly to the...
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    Supporter Number updates

    Howdy folks A new season is on the horizon and with that comes new players and new numbers on some guerneys or keeping an old one and adopting the new player wearing it as your guy. Whose number is going to be on your back this year? I have JOM on mine :cool:
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    News Hawthorn and Adidas part ways in 2022…what next?

    Cyril, JOM and Burto doing a press conference as we speak.
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    News Welcome to Hawthorn Pippa Mae Roughead

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    Fatboy Slim

    Not sure if anyone likes him around here but he's just announced a show at Revolver tomorrow night.
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    Injury Roughy knee surgery

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    Robbie Gray diagnosed with testicular cancer

    Wish him all the best and hope he makes a full recovery
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    How many weeks....

    ... how many weeks would someone in the AFL get for this?
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    Toast Josh Gibson to retire

    the 3x premiership champ is holding a press conference at 1pm today
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    List Mgmt. McEvoy extends contract to 2019

    He has signed on until the end of 2019!
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    Round 22 Discussion

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    Round 21 Discussion

    RIP Ruck stocks
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    List Mgmt. Glass, Cousins and Hanrahan sign contract extensions

    Conor Glass, James Cousins and Oliver Hanrahan have secured their future at Hawthorn, after showing positive signs throughout 2017.