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  1. shinboner magic

    +2 for the 2012 umpires

    Hawk fans whinge fest even in victory. Just enjoy it while it lasts
  2. shinboner magic

    MEGA THREAD***** Hawthorn vs Collingwood + umpires

    Re: That was not holding the ball! The reason the maggot paid is cause the player wasnt trying to get rid of it. Its a crap decision
  3. shinboner magic

    Tonights Umpires

    They dont call him Razor for nothing. He cuts teams down at will with his antics. People who say umpires have no say on games should just have a look at this game. Its abount momentum and how a crappy decision can stop it so quickly
  4. shinboner magic

    Sub-rule 2012

    Why dont they just cap the rotations to say 100 and just have 4 on the bench with no subs