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  1. Niximus

    Roast The mental forfeits

    I know we've just had a gutsy undermanned, underdog win and that is why it's a good time to address this. Free from bad loss melts, and with most having a generally positive outlook we can discuss the major issue this club has with what you could call 'mental forfeits', those games where we are...
  2. Niximus

    Home automation

    I have been playing around with setting up some home automation and was interested if anyone else had something set up and what they were using? I'm just getting started so my setup is fairly simple at the moment. The centre of my system is a Raspberry Pi running Home Assistant. I then have a...
  3. Niximus


    Obviously todayis a big game for the AFC and tensions will be high for our posters. You are more than welcome to join in the conversation, but please do so respectfully. If things haven't gone our way today and you've come to rub it in, know that no trolling will be tolerated. This includes...
  4. Niximus


    Obviously tonight is a big game for the AFC and tensions will be high for our posters. You are more than welcome to join in the conversation, but please do so respectfully. If things haven't gone our way tonight and you've come to rub it in, know that no trolling will be tolerated. This...
  5. Niximus

    New Stargate series on the way?

    MGM have in the last few days registered new Stargate based trademarks. "Stargate Command" on 10 July and "Stargate Origins" on 17 July. The Origins trademark is listed as "Entertainment services in the nature of a television series and web series featuring science fiction, suspense and drama"...
  6. Niximus

    Head to Head W-L

    We've drawn level with Port now with 21 Showdowns apiece. We have a few more opportunities to even or pull ahead on some tallies this season. Round 5 & 21 v Essendon - We currently trail 17-18, we can level that up at 18 next Saturday and then pull ahead in round 21 Round 9 v Brisbane -...
  7. Niximus

    Seat return email

    I just got an email from the club saying they noticed I didn't attend round 1 and info on the seat return program. Only thing is that I did attend. Anyone else get this email in error?
  8. Niximus

    News New radio partners
  9. Niximus

    Opinion AFC - Time Capsule - 2016 (AFC SUPPORTERS ONLY)

    Welcome to the AFC Time Capsule for 2016. I thought it'd be fun to be able to look back on a snapshot of opinions and thoughts of the board from various points in the club's history. The plan is to create one of these threads each year. Everyone please make no more than one post, if there are...
  10. Niximus

    Tabletop Simulator: Organise online boardgaming in here.

    Buying Download Tabletop Simulator on Steam - Standard price is USD$20, but is regularly on sale at 50% off. check for current sales. -^Tabletop Simulator$;/scroll:#highlights Games Find games in...
  11. Niximus

    PC Tabletop Simulator

    I bought this a while ago and played around but I don't think there was that much available at the time. I have checked back in recently and it's fantastic. I'm trying to get my mates on board as there are some games we play IRL on there now (Munchkin and Firefly). I've also been playing Secret...
  12. Niximus

    Gamers - would anyone be interested in a little AFC board mini-tournament?

    I've thought for a while it would be fun to organise a little video game tournament between the posters here and just wanted to gauge interest. I'm thinking organised teams or head to head in a game, screen captured if possible so we can post highlights. Would anyone be up for that? If so, do...
  13. Niximus

    Mod. Notice Looking for a new AFC board mod - expressions of interest

    Hey All, Once again we're looking to bring in a new mod. This thread is to nominate yourself or another AFC poster you think would make a good mod. If you'd prefer not to make your interest public, please feel free to PM myself or one of the other mods. Niximus Allefgib Drugs Are Bad Mackay...
  14. Niximus

    Paul Thomas - New development coach

  15. Niximus

    Tips for a new puppy?

    My wife and I hope to soon get our first puppy together. She grew up with dogs, but this will be my first. I've installed gates and such so that the yard is puppy proof, but I'm not completely sure how to manage the first few weeks and want to be sure we're prepared before we get it. So, we...
  16. Niximus

    Analysis Fish or No Fish (or What do AFC posters know, do they know things? Let's find out.)

    "Big Fish" is a phrase that gets thrown around on here a bit, everyone else is apparently getting them all the time, and we are missing out. So what is a big fish? How often are they moving? Are some teams landing them more often? I'd like your help to answer these questions. Below is a link...
  17. Niximus

    Analysis AFC Full Draft History

    I previously posted a complete history of the AFC in the National Draft in another thread. I have done the same for the other drafts out of interest and put it all here. If it is of use I can update annually. National Draft History Pick - Year (Player) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2000 (Laurence Angwin) 8...
  18. Niximus

    Mod. Notice Crows Only threads - the poll (Poll for AFC supporters ONLY)

    OK guys, we said we'd review the existence of threads for Crows supporters only after a trial so here it is. **Crows Only** is an optional addition a thread creator can choose to use, or not. I've just had a look at the new Dangerfield thread, and between Allefgib Drugs Are Bad Mackay? The...
  19. Niximus

    Free AFL Live Pass

    For those who don't have Foxtel. You can get a free subscription to AFL Live Pass (online streaming of the games - worth $90) by creating and filling an AFL fantasy league. You can add 10 'celebrity' teams, so you'd need 5 mates to join.
  20. Niximus

    Best value booze

    I'm gradually stocking a home bar and it's bloody expensive! I'm looking for tips on spirits and liqueurs that are good value for money. Something that is good enough, but not super pricey. Anyone have anything to recommend?