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    Preview Changes Vs St kilda

    Out Thompson, Jmac, Hrovat, Turner. In Majak, ........
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    Unofficial Preview Changes for Season 2020

    Well, we are about a quarter of the way into the season and we are done for the year. Finals are out of the question and I feel this is our worst season since 2006. what needs to change for next year? My thoughts. New coach. Brad Scott doesn’t let players develop through the proper means...
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    Review SWOT

    Mid year going into the bye we are sitting at 7-5, it would be hard for anyone to say that they had us at this point in the beginning of the season, with wins against the Swans, GWS, Freo away, and the hawks probably the biggest surprises. We pushed the Tigers but have had 2 very poor loses...
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    Opinion Are we the slowest team in the comp?

    This is getting out of hand. I've been watching us over the last month or so and all i can see is players unable to break away. NDS Cunners Swallow JZ Petrie Thompson Dumont Firrito Bmac Then you have these blokes that are average pace at best. Lmac Jmac We must be the slowest team in...
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    Review Career best years in 2015

    In my opinion not that many of our players had outstanding years this year, there were a lot of very solid all round team performances which is also good. Looking at the WCE pretty much most of their players had the best year they had. I wanted to know which players played career best footy...
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    Review Positives and Negatives versus Brisbane...

    WE won, Second Half was much better. Last QTR was very good. Was a pretty good performance by the team across the board..... Goldy was solid, he was up against 2 very capable players today though, need to mix it up with 3rd man up even if Goldy is the 3rd while someone else holds the other...
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    Mitchell no good.

    Wayne Carey says he wont get games at some other teams......LOL
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    Review Post match discussion/vent thread vs Gold Coast

    Pathetic display, the worst thing about it is many of us saw it coming, our players are not able to sustain a standard of football that will get us anywhere anytime soon. Our Midfield JZ : Poor, bad ball use Cunners: had a purple patch otherise below his best Swallow: HIs kicking is...
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    Injury Naitanui

    Needs surgery To his ANUS!!! ok im done.... feel free to scrap this
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    Review Positives/ Negatives v The Heave Ho's. AKA the average, the Bad, the Ugly....

    Coaching was terrible... Smashed again this year..... for the 3rd time Mids were awful... these guys at least deserve their paycheck Goldy Thompson Tarrant Harvey Petrie
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    Analysis Rate our players

    Gents Im sick of discussing our putrid performance so not sure if we have a thread for this but i would like to rate the players on our list from A being the best to F being the worst, you can use the pluses and minuses to add value. I did this pretty quick, feel free to discuss players too...
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    Review The good the bad the ugly

    Well its been about 9 months since i have posted and maybe i should have held off for another 9 months Terrible display today. To be honest I don't want to see Jacobs in the side ever.... Bastinac was soft. Wells was terrible. JZ was poor IMO. Petrie... got done by Talia as always. Thompson was...
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    Recommitted Todd Goldstein

    Hey Guys, So poor Todd gets scapegoated after every loss that we have, its funny because he is a true barometer of our team, if he plays well we normally have a win if we lose its blame Todd again. Sure he gets beaten just like any other player, but i think is too harshly criticized. So i am...
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    Unofficial Preview Changes Vs Geelong

    Out Black Adams Basti In Wood (if fit) I don't even know who to bring in.... help me out here.
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    Port lol Adelaide

    Man ya know ya s**t when Troy Chaplin is kicking multiple goals against ya...
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    MVP Votes vs Saints

    3. Goldy 2. Boomer 1......... Wright maybe... HM... Firrito..NDS...Greenhead
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    Jack Ziebell

    I am interested in what you guys believe his trade value would be..... keep the trolling aside... what would you be willing to part with in terms of player and/or draft pick to attain his services.
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    Toast Goldstein

    Was amazing today!!! Gave poor Maric and that spud Vickery a bath!!!! Vickery got one with bubble bath for extra pleasure!!
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    Review P&N v Brisbane Lions

    So we won, which is good, but if we serve that up against anyone decent we will not win.... simple enough right.... Petrie.... Still struggling to mark, kicking is ordinary, but better for the run... NDS was ok, kicking was a bit average IMO, especially by his standards. Backline didn't have...
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    Tyrone the new Watts

    Well jack watts is putting on a clinic against Richmond, taking marks and kicking goals, while Tyrone is putting in his usual spud performance... I for one wish to have Tyrone as the new default option for all thread polls Is everyone else on board?