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  1. shinboner magic

    Jed Anderson already out the door for 2019?

    We’d still beat your mob
  2. shinboner magic

    Collingwood 2015

    Bucks will be ok- he will be teaching " How to dismantle a GF team in four easy years" :thumbsu:
  3. shinboner magic

    AFL 2014 Ladder Predictions

    Are you any good at said task.
  4. shinboner magic

    Hayden Ballantyne: Worst Grand Final performance in years?

    Had enough chances to do his bit but choked. Will be interesting to see if he gets in players faces after that embarrassing performance. Enjoy that all summer long, you earnt it
  5. shinboner magic

    Bolters and Sliders in 2014?

    There is about 3 teams (GWS, Melb and Saints) that are probably no chance of making the eight or really no chance of upsets. Rest of the sides can beat most sides on their day, except for some bogie sides. Will be hard to break into top 4 as those sides look still strong. Bolters- GC, dogs...
  6. shinboner magic

    Nearest to the Pin Tipping

    Freo by 23
  7. shinboner magic

    Did anyone NOT tip 9 this week?

    No picked GWS as thought the bombers would of ran out of juice after their fast start.
  8. shinboner magic

    Majak Daw

    Will play games at the expense of hansen / tazza at some stage during the season.
  9. shinboner magic

    Is 2013 make or break for Hardwick & Brad Scott?

    Roos will be named essendon coach next September.
  10. shinboner magic

    Talia broken arm

    And for Hawks games he drives S'makers to games to make sure he arrives safely.
  11. shinboner magic

    Predict week one finals match-ups

    They can play during the day and rugby can play after them. Win/win
  12. shinboner magic

    MCG no place for kids?

    I very much doubt you were even at the ground.
  13. shinboner magic

    Nathan Buckley- not a whiney bitch

    Yeah wait till the second week of finals and both WA teams be gone for the year.
  14. shinboner magic

    North Melbourne are in a hole

    Great thread. Egg on face much. :oops:
  15. shinboner magic

    Daniel Kerr

    A wasted career. Should really be compared to Judd and Ablett as one of the greats of this era. He can play the odd good patch of games as well as anyone going around.
  16. shinboner magic

    Rnd 2 NAB Rising Star Nominations

    Cameron will get it for sure. After the beltings the new sides copped. Vlad needs to give them something
  17. shinboner magic

    Joel Selwood is one tought mother!

    Well said. He is such a competitive beast,just has eyes for the footy and doesnt care what damage he does to himself. The Cats just play great footy and love watching them play.
  18. shinboner magic

    Help for Nolsey21

    Finish Kindergarden first then come back
  19. shinboner magic

    Tom Hawkins is announcing himself

    There is hope for hansen. lol
  20. shinboner magic

    Geelong - 2011 Premiers

    Well done Cats What a great team