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  1. biggiemediums

    Coach What would it take for you to be okay with Harvey being appointed coach next year?

    For me; I think if we keep this attacking style consistent for the next three weeks and maybe one more win in that time, I wouldn't be opposed to Harvey getting a sniff at the full time gig to be honest. I'm LOVING the attacking balls out style. I'm LOVING the passion of the team that has been...
  2. biggiemediums

    Multiplat Planet Coaster Console Edition

    For those playing on PS4/X1 - be aware that there is a highly restrictive build limit that was hidden by Frontier until release. When I say restrictive, I really mean it. If you’re like me and get very detail oriented; prepare to be disappointed. Until build limit is fixed I would...
  3. biggiemediums

    Society/Culture The terror of 'socialism' being fed as a moral ideology.

    Just want to get a few opinions on here because I think this s**t is becoming a bit ridiculous now. I'm honestly disgusted over how many of my own generation (I'm 29 years old,) are pushing for socialism. Is it the universities pushing this? Is it due to social media's U.S left bias? Are we...
  4. biggiemediums

    How to watch AFL X on the AFL Live App?

    For the phone dummies (like myself,) who never use phones or apps, anyone know how to watch it on the app tonight? Got the app, got live pass, cannot find where to stream? I can find the X section which has fixtures, news etc, but no god damn indication of how to actually watch when it...
  5. biggiemediums

    Opinion Your hopes for 2018.

    “If Buckley is coach in 2018, Mark my words I will not watch a single ******* game.” - biggiemediums, 2017. Gameday me is a psycho. But my tune has changed this offseason. Based off what has been happening over the off season, I’m interested in the hopes and pass-marks for everyone next...
  6. biggiemediums

    Roast Officially bottom four.

    Pretty hard to stomach how many teams have gone past us. Carlton Essendon Gold Coast Melbourne St Kilda Just two-three years ago we were ahead of these teams. Hell, even the doggies were about on par. Fremantle were horrible and Port weren't far off our shitness last year but now both are...
  7. biggiemediums

    PS4 Salt & Sanctuary (2D Souls)

    Anyone else playing? Amazing game. Highly recommended if you're a castlevania or souls fan. Smooth gameplay, great environments, unique art style. Pays it homages to Dark Souls without feeling like a lifeless drone. 100% worth the purchase and will be definitely platinuming it before DkS3.
  8. biggiemediums

    PS4 Project Setsuna.

    I expect this topic to get maybe 1-2 replies because I fear us jRPG fans are a dying breed in 2015/2016. Anyone else keeping up to date with this? Looks like the Final Fantasy game many of us turn based fans have been waiting for. Feels very Chrono Trigger meets Bravely Default. Cannot wait.
  9. biggiemediums

    Multiplat Soma

    All I can say is wow. Not many games can make me think about life like that. Deep, complex story with some very dark ideologies. The horror starts dull but becomes quite tense in the last few hours. Brilliant game. Do not sleep on it.
  10. biggiemediums

    Gaming Collectors.

    Thought I'd make a thread if there are any other collectors here to show your collections. Been collecting for a few years. Merged collections with my partner. We currently have 726 games and about 35 consoles! Any other collectors here?
  11. biggiemediums

    Multiplat REvelations 2

    Sorry if there's already a thread on it but I couldn't see one. Picked it up yesterday because I waited for a physical copy. Just finished Episode 1 and can honestly say its my favourite RE since RE4. Enough action to be entertaining but not an out and out TPS like RE5 and RE6. Amazing...
  12. biggiemediums

    Multiplat Resident Evil REmake HD

    So, I apologise if there's already a thread, couldn't see it. Downloaded this glorious Masterpiece today and having an absolute ball. Haven't played it for a decade. Character models look crisp as hell ans I like the pan&scan style of the widescreen. Starting my first playthrough as Jill...
  13. biggiemediums

    Your opinion on best of all time.

    A: Purely In-Ring B: On the mic/Backstage Promos C: Overall For me it would be. A: Chris Benoit. In ring, this guy was a beast. Can't say I've ever seen him sloppy or lazy. Ferocious, fast-paced & technical. A master of his craft. B: Tough one for me. In terms of wrestlers I'd have to...
  14. biggiemediums

    PC Divinity: Original Sin

    About 60 hours in still a lot to go. In my opinion the best cRPG since Neverwinter Nights 2. Instant classic and hopefully ushers in a new wave of isometric RPG's for the PC. Anyone else playing this?
  15. biggiemediums

    Toast Dayne 'High' Beams.

    I feel like this bloke still gets underrated. Best thing about him. EVERY single time he polls low on disposals, he kicks a bag. IMO, our most damaging midfielder when it comes to the scoreboard. Everyone talks about Dangerfields goal kicking prowess, but look at the stats, Beamer has played...
  16. biggiemediums

    Opinion Our tackle count vs Bombers.

    Absolutely fantastic to see. 98 tackles. Most winning teams average 70 per week so to see that effort and desire in the lads is bloody beautiful. To think some of us, (not myself,) thought Bucks had lost the players last year! Brilliant to watch!
  17. biggiemediums

    Toast Maxwell since dropping the captaincy.

    Seems like he's enjoying his 'footy' much more now that he can focus more on the game! Really playing the loose man role well that he enjoyed in 2010/2011! Also seems like Pendles is enjoying the extra leadership so I think it's worked out well!
  18. biggiemediums

    MCG/Etihad vs Home Grounds...

    Had a discussion recently with a mate. He prefers going to the MCG for games (Tigers fan,) so he can basically always be assured a ticket. He likes the 50k+ crowds. I, on the other hand, preferred the intimate setting of Victoria Park. Being surrounded by only Pies fans was amazing when we...
  19. biggiemediums

    Scott Pendlebury vs Sam Mitchell.

    A couple of good posts in the Pendlebury thread on the main board got me thinking. This is one of the closest matchups in quality you could find. Many people have these two as #2 and #3. So in your opinion who is the better player? If you could give your reasons too that would be great.
  20. biggiemediums

    Finey just wished death to an SMS'r on SEN.

    Holy crap. Finey just went off at someone who sent an SMS and just wished him death. Said "You'll get yours mate and I hope it comes at 110km in your car when you hit a tree. I hope your death comes soon and slow and that it comes tomorrow." Then cut straight to an ad. Anyone else think...