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  1. Financialpanther

    PS4 Cities Skylines on PS4

    Question for the board, as a big fan of SimCity in the past but no longer a PC based gamer (more console). Is Cities Skylines good on the PS4 and is the experience better or worse using a controller rather than a mouse? Is it worth splashing a bit of currency on (as its currently on special...
  2. Financialpanther

    FTA-TV The Penny Dreadful

    Watched the first episode - reasonably impressive tv yet again (it seems we have hit a really really strong period for television series). Eva Green - what a fox.
  3. Financialpanther

    Election can't be far away now...

    Unions taking steps to try and distance themselves from Greens - interest article based on anticipated Howes views. Too little to late.
  4. Financialpanther

    Movie RIP Bubba Smith

    Hightower no more - RIP.
  5. Financialpanther

    A standing ovation from a room of backstabbers

    Seriously - how could Kevin not turn around and go and cry in the toilet cubicle after that.
  6. Financialpanther

    How long...

    ...til Julia takes a tilt?
  7. Financialpanther

    Unintend consequence of Stimulus #546

    This is a bit of a concern really - not to say that the stimulus should never have been done (there is some merit to infrastructure spend - cash splash is questionable. But really what is concerning is the large increases to the long term swap rates and yields given the governments around the...
  8. Financialpanther

    Peter Garrett - Tree Spiker?

    Just published in the local rag today - by Watson the skipper of the Steve Irwin Anti Whaling. Well here is hoping that some absent minded individual doesn't take up tree spiking after this lecture.
  9. Financialpanther

    Movie The International

    Day off - time to hit the cinema for something to watch.....pity I chose this steaming pile of rubbish Seriously - I really enjoy Clive Owen movies generally - but this one was poorly written, plot was silly and I could tell that Owen must have felt embarressed by the delivery of such tripe...
  10. Financialpanther

    Are we creating a liquidity trap

    Well are we? We are dropping the cash rate by unprecedented amounts and are about to bring it down again to soften the recession impact. However with rates dropping by so much and APRA requiring ADI's to hold almost double the liquidity ratio as set out in prudential standards - are we at...
  11. Financialpanther

    Movie Best and Worst Stocking Filler

    Well Xmas has come and gone - if you are like me - you tend to receive DVDs as presents from rellies and friends. Lets be honest - there are some gems and some real turkeys. Example: Got 3.10 to Yuma and Dark Knight on DVD - good score there. Also received Rambo.......I try not to laugh...
  12. Financialpanther

    ...and away we go.

    Both sides start your engines. - From A VICTORIAN man is set to sue the State Government in a stolen generation claim that threatens to open the legal floodgates. Just a day after the Rudd Government's cashless apology, Neville Austin, a 44-year-old from the northern Melbourne...
  13. Financialpanther

    Peter Beattie

    What is with this guy - is he about to make a jag at Federal Politics or something.Don't know much about his performance as Premier of Queensland apart from the fact that he goes out of his way to grab the national spotlight when it comes to Federal Politics lately. Sure, there has been reason...
  14. Financialpanther

    What derogatory nickname will...

    ..Kevin Rudd be called by his opposition and critics should be become Prime Minister much in the way John Howard is called 'The Rodent' I am guessing the Weasel
  15. Financialpanther

    Music for New Born

    Currently have a 1 week old little boy who likes to scream and carry on like nobodies business. In my travels and attempts to get the little bugger to calm down - i have resorted to raiding my cd collection to find the tunes to soothe the savage beast. It turns out - little fella loves the...
  16. Financialpanther

    Drought Relief - or look for better solutions for future problems

    That nation is once again in the midst of crippling droughts and farmers are asking for money to keep alive. It is fair enough that they request assistance due to the problems that arise from factors that are outside of their control - but are we as a country doing the funding idea as a...
  17. Financialpanther

    Which song...

    ....puts you in a good mood. A song that even if you are in a foul mood, it will bring you back from the brink and put a smile on your face. What's your happy song. Mine: The Sound (Rumanastone) Underground (Ben Folds Five)
  18. Financialpanther

    If Australia was threatened...

    ...would you enlist? Over the last couple of weeks - we have witnesses some pretty bad things to say about remembering those who have fallen - what if you were forced to think about fighting our own battle. Say an Asian superpower grows teeth and decides that it wants more territory...
  19. Financialpanther

    Movies that bore you to tears

    I'm talking about those movies that whilst they are technically proficient, well acted, script is reasonable - are just plain boring. I decided to rent out 'Cold Mountain' due to the praise some had placed upon it. I sat down on saturday night and watched it - i want my 156 minute back as i...