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  1. Suma Magic

    Analysis Accurate points curve and table

    This is really on the nerdy end of trading/draft stuff. I get pretty frustrated with the AFL's points index as it doesn't reflect how clubs value picks. This is because the AFL based on it salary, which doesn't line up with the pick-for-pick trading market. It's basically garbage, and yet the...
  2. Suma Magic

    Recommitted Deven Robertson [OOC 2023]

    What is he worth? This isn’t anything more than speculation/hope that he requests a trade with Dunkley and Ashcroft likely coming in.
  3. Suma Magic

    Trade Period Guide

    I think there was one of these years ago, I had a search and couldn't find it. Just some loose guidelines if you lose your bearings this trade period. Stage Player coming to your club Player leaving your club Prior to a trade Reaction to the news or rumour of a trade request The...
  4. Suma Magic

    Strategy Pick trades 2020

    A thread to discuss pick trades before and during the draft. I imagine on every team board there are posters throwing up unrealistic pick trades. I'd be interested to hear: - any comments your club has made - your club's limitations (e.g. can't trade future first) - your f/s or academy...
  5. Suma Magic

    Opinion 2021 Best 22s

    What is your club’s best 22 for 2021? My first crack at the Eagles. FB: Hurn Barrass Sheppard HB: Cole McGovern Witherden C: Duggan Kelly Gaff HF: Cripps Darling Ryan FF: Langdon Kennedy Allen R: Naitanui Yeo Shuey I: Nelson Redden Sheed Waterman E: Williams Cameron Hutchings Rotham
  6. Suma Magic

    Review Winners and Losers of the 2020 Trade Period

    Is there not a thread already? Apologies if I missed it (RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME). My initial instinct is that the Pies may have had the worst trade period of all time. Or at least it seems that way right now. Just mind-blowing. From an Eagles' perspective, I was really happy to get an extra...
  7. Suma Magic

    Traded Tom Hickey [traded with #34 & #60 to Sydney for #58, #62, 2021 R2 (Port), R3]

    Sydney has interest in Hickey apparently. He doesn’t really warrant a thread on his own so thought I’d ask here. What is Hickey worth? Sydney has pick 56 (crows 4th rounder). Is that about right if we are willing to trade him?
  8. Suma Magic

    Which players will fill the wing roles in 2020?

    Who will be our wings in 2020? This seems to be the biggest query in our line-up heading into 2020. It’s likely that Gaff spends a lot of time there given the amount of inside mids we have, other candidates for the role don't seem obvious (to me at least). If we assume that we have the...
  9. Suma Magic

    Your best 22 2020

    Interested to see them after the trade period. Here is my take on West Coast. FB: Sheppard Barrass Duggan HB: Hurn McGovern Jetta C: Sheed Kelly Gaff HF: Ryan Darling Cripps FF: Petrucelle Kennedy Cameron R: Naitanui Yeo Shuey I: Cole Redden Venables O. Allen E: Schofield Hutchings Hickey...
  10. Suma Magic

    Priority pick solution

    A bit of discussion about how the priority pick could penalise clubs who trade in future picks etc. The solution is clear. Give Gold Coast a 2020 priority pick that they have to trade for 2019 pick(s) and/or player(s).
  11. Suma Magic

    Brad Scott poll

    I just wanted some feedback from the BF community on Brad.
  12. Suma Magic

    Which club has the biggest persecution complex?

    Discuss, citing examples where relevant.
  13. Suma Magic

    Injury Injury thread 2019

    I got a bit of info from this article to put together a preliminary injury list. Training watchers may have info to be added in. The timelines are just my guesses based on the article. Edited for feedback and the Eagles' site...
  14. Suma Magic

    News Pre-season supplemental selection period between December 1 and March 15

    The AFL has just ruled that Clarke and Mumford can sign: Teams can have 43 on their main and cat A list, leaving them with the opportunity of signing a rookie from Dec 1 onwards. So clubs can...
  15. Suma Magic

    News Draft Machine 2018 (“Will launch soon!”)

    12 days from the draft and draft machine isn’t up. AFL have really ****ed up here. It’s bare minimum sort of stuff to have this finished in October. Twomey said it would be up this week, so hopefully that is today. The link to the site for when it does go live...
  16. Suma Magic

    Foxsports first round phantom Im on my phone so having trouble just pasting the picks and order. If someone else can be bothered that would be great.
  17. Suma Magic

    Prediction Draft rumours

    A thread for draft rumours and informative tidbits. I don't really have anything good, but hopefully someone does and I'm sure they will start flowing thick and fast soon.
  18. Suma Magic

    College Hoops 18-19

    I’ve never posted on this board, apologies if there already is a thread. I’m a long time Oregon Ducks and college basketball fan. Saw Bol Bol (son of basketball card legend Manute Bol) carving up in a preseason game for the ducks. Looks bloody exciting. Also read that Duke have the best...
  19. Suma Magic

    Academy points system

    I've been clogging up other threads with this topic. Which can be annoying so I thought I'd start a thread. The AFL aimed to allocate points to picks, that accurately reflect their actual value: "We have found that the DVI is a good indicator of the general value of picks relative to one...
  20. Suma Magic

    News JLT 2019

    Fixture just came out. It barely matters, but it's good we don't have to leave the state. Week 1 Thursday, February 28 Carlton v Essendon at Ikon Park, 6.40pm EDT Friday, March 1 West Coast v Geelong at Leederville Oval, 4.10pm WST Saturday, March 2 North Melbourne v St Kilda at Avalon...